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18th December 2009 witnessed the Indian Recruitment community gathered at The Accord Metropolitan in Chennai to flag off ERA 2009 (4th Chennai National Conference). The predominant theme for the conference was ‘Transformation in the Recruitment Landscape’.

Let the games begin!

The 50 meter the bar

The 50 meter the bar

The event started with registrations at 2p.m. the welcome address was given by Dr. Surjith who happens to be the Convenor of ERA (Chennai Chapter) and also the CEO of Zen HR.

The Convenor and the Co Convenor

The sessions had plenty of popular speakers namely G.D.Sharma (President-HR in BGR Energy Systems Ltd.), Suresh Anubolu (Director-HR, Computer Associates), Ragland Thomas (Head-human Resources, Zenta), Sriram V (Head – Human Resources, Hexaware Technologies), R.A.Krishna Kumar (Asst. Executive Director – Human Resources, Dalmia Cements), Raj Prabhakar (CEO and Founder, FYMC), Ranganathan N.K. (Managing Director, Grundfos Pumps), K.Pandia Rajan (Managing Director, Ma Foi Group & Randstad India), Fr. N. Casimir Raj S.J. (Founder Director, LIBA) and B. Venkatramana (Senior Vice President & Group HR Head, Landmark Group India).

The ERA Bigwigs

The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Thiru, our CEO.

The Vote of Thanks

A point worth mentioning is that our CEO had, in the course of events, been unanimously voted as the Convenor (ERA, Chennai Chapter) for the coming year. Also to be noted is that our Ravindiran had been awarded a souvenir for his creativity that had been put to maximum use for the conference.

Creative Genius Award!

The event was attended by CEOs, Directors, Strategic Planners, Senior Management, HR Professionals, Recruitment Consultants, Educational Institutions and Technology Providers and proved to be a grand success.

The ERA Team



Last Saturday (12-12-09) we witnessed the live telecast of our beloved CEO, Dr. Thiru in action at 9:30a.m. on Kalaignar News Channel. The programme ( Adutha Illackku) was telecast between 9:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. and had quite a few viewers calling in on the show seeking his advice and encouragement.

Topics discussed included the Job Fair for the Physically challenged segment of our society(CII Job Fair –   December 2009), home based jobs – the pros and cons, entrepreneurship, the various industries that the IT sector caters to, the latest and upcoming trends in the IT industry such as Robotics, Gaming and Animation.

Our Dynamic Doctor was in full form and viewers were treated to a solid half hour of valuable information from the guru himself.

the messenger of good news...


Safe under the Ascenders Umbrella

Come hail or shine, the Ascenders are always well prepared! Ascenders welcome the much needed monsoon showers with the handy AscendersTech umbrellas…


Our Triumphs!
Team Ascenders!

Team Ascenders was very much a part of the ERA sports meet ’09 where the renowned Ascenders team spirit, sportsmanship and exemplary co ordination was displayed. Team Ascenders played against –ABC Consultants and moved ahead to beat Mafoi and finally came in as runners up against Zen HR. Though we lost in the semi finals, we had, as Joshua of Covenant (ERA Sports Meet Organiser) mentioned, “Won everyone’s hearts” with our persistent team efforts and untiring energy levels! As we had scored the highest run rate in the semi-finals, we were pitted against Future Focus in the finals and lost by a single run!

Ascenders in Action

In the relay, Team Ascenders again remained runners up while Future Focus swept away the first prize. It must be noted that Team Ascenders was in the fray throughout the event and left with their well earned cups.

The Relay Team

Relay Team

CEOs-AscendersTech & Future Focus

There was also a spot of fun when the CEOs participated in a special 50 meter dash. Our CEO, egged on and cheered wildly by the team, almost made it to the finish line…

A run for the money!


In keeping with the climate of change that is so required in any situation and place of growth, Senthil  has been elevated to the post of General Manager – CRM. Ascenders Technologies is proud to have him in this responsible post as we know for sure that he is the right man for the job and this is evident as Ascenders is riding the wave of his confidence.

General Manager (CRM) - P.Senthil Kumar in full form...

As Senthil has risen up the corporate ladder, it is only fair that someone equally strong and capable take his place to make sure that things branch out in the right directions. And that someone is none other than Maria Suresh who has now been positioned very strategically as Manager-HRO. Maria Suresh has now taken on the heavy duty role of managing his growing team and delivering results at neck breaking deadlines.

Manager (HRO) - S.Maria Suresh


Ascenders is blessed with the arrival of our latest entrants – Mr. K. Raajaram & Mr. P. Vijaya Raghavan

Mr. K. Raajaram brings with him the unique gift of limitless knowledge in just about every aspect of IT. He also has the functional know-how in just about every industry. What is especially appreciated is his willingness to generously share his bounty with anyone who requires it. His humble approach to life and its constant changes, to people, their cultures and their peculiarities is something that must be emulated.

V.P (Technology) - K. Raajaram

Mr. Raajaram is known in the IT industry for his quick grasp of affairs and instant solutions that are full of efficient technological innovations and also, usually laced with his irrepressible wit.

Mr. P. Vijaya Raghavan is another simple soul whom we have the good fortune to be associated with. His vast knowledge of Technology and experience in Operations both in the micro and macro levels have to be given their due respect. He is a man of few words and much thought. His every input is the result of deeply contemplated and well calculated thought processes.

Our V.P (Operations) - P. Vijaya Raghavan

Mr. Vijaya  Raghavan has a wealth of experience behind him as an IT professional in various levels and is now committed to using it for the benefit of Ascenders Technologies.

Both our Vice Presidents share a common quality and that is a high level of tolerance based on the in depth knowledge of human nature and its frailties.

These veterans have made it their lives’ goal to keep Ascenders Technologies always  and unerringly on the ascending graph and the results are already plain to see.

Our ascent in the BPO industry has taken off with a bang and we, with the unstinting support and expert guidance of these capable people, have under our aegis, a number of skilled and competent units that have a perfect understanding of our processes and work accordingly to match our high standards in keeping with our Quality requirements.

And soon Ascenders Technologies will be in a position to source and maintain a regular captive unit or two.


Lights galore!

The festive season began with Ayudha Pooja but really took off with a bang for Diwali. The spirit of celebration and gaiety filled the Ascenders premises and in this mood of cheer, we distributed coffee cups that have our logo embossed on them. Coffee with the Ascenders is hot!

Coffee anyone?

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