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The Ascenders are proud to announce that we have finally achieved our long awaited MicroSoft Gold Status Partnership. The efforts of our team have proved invaluable. The Axapta team members have contributed immensely by working hard for their certifications thereby earning us the extra points required to reach this stage. The senior members of our Axapta team deserve special kudos as they very generously attached their certifications and also by going out of their way to help train our latest entrants to our ever growing and formidable army of Axapta professionals. Our clients too have contributed in the form of glowing feedback to MicroSoft. AscendersTech takes this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in this vigorous, yet, successful exercise.




So we made it through the recession; we said we would and we went and did it! Now, that, I would classify as a brilliant milestone by itself. And I see it as an opportunity to indulge in a fresh branding exercise starting with a byline which probably would sound something like: Come join the band wagon of the fittest!/ AscendersTech – the ascent to survival or some other equally vivacious caption that illustrates us to the tee.

It is not just mere survival that we pride ourselves on, it is a sustained growth that has seen us plant our feet firmly in foreign soil: we have established an Ascenders Technologies subsidiary in Singapore and that describes us, without any doubt, as an MNC. Having gained this MNC status, we are encouraged more than ever to spread our wings and soar!

We were kept on our toes the whole of last year as our cup of tea was filled to the brim and mind you, we did not let a single drop slip away! As we had successfully worked our way towards ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2008, we also had the arduous job of strictly adhering to the system that we painstakingly created as the backbone of our company. We had always insisted that we were a process oriented organization and we can proudly boast that we define ourselves the same way even today! But there is a slight difference, we have fine tuned the system by tweaking and tugging at our previous oversights and we have established a user friendly Quality system that is relevant to our present needs. It is also noteworthy to mention that our Quality system is periodically examined and re examined; our Quality policies have been crafted to fit our needs and implemented one after the other in quick succession; our usage of the system has been qualified and quantified to such an extent that we will soon reach a stage of near perfection that will then make us eligible for the CMMI level certification that is on the cards soon. The outcome of our last surveillance audit too points us in the same direction.

Now we can confidently state that AscendersTech carries out its business in a well planned and organized manner. We can all pat ourselves on the back for effectively utilizing time, effort, commercials and other valuable resources in a thrifty and stringent manner.

As regards our memberships that keep us in good stead, we remain prestigiously connected to Nimbus Partners, UK, Redington (India) Limited, SUN, IBM, Nasscom, ERA, ESC and TASMIA. The last year has witnessed a significant highlight in the AscendersTech history- we have partnered with none other than MicroSoft. By the time you read this mail, we would also have attained the enviable MicroSoft Gold Partner status and this is due to the unrelenting efforts of our team. A new and definitely reputable association has been formed with TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), India. We have also been actively involved with CII and its activities. A point to be mentioned at this juncture, would be the fact that our beloved CEO, Dr.Thiru, has been unanimously voted as the Convenor of the ERA, Chennai Chapter this year as he had, in his previous position as Co Convenor, lent his full fledged support and leadership skills to ERA thereby helping to empower the Recruiting Community to a large extent and also creating a brand value for ERA, Chennai Chapter.

Coming to our very own HRO (Human Resources Outsourcing) Division, we can rightfully say that we have established our presence in the market as we now have an ever expanding team of professional recruiters who deliver results. The team size is in direct proportion to our increasing list of prominent clientele. Our customer database has slowly and steadily spread out from within the confines of the domestic market and has made its way to the international scenario with much success.

Our adventurous foray into the MicroSoft jungle has paid off in terms of gaining a growing army of MicroSoft Dynamics Axapta certified professionals. These exceptionally talented young people have been placed strategically in various client locations representing the AscendersTech banner. More well trained and equally qualified resources will follow them. Our clientele in the MS DAX and PeopleSoft markets  has been increasing in a sure and steady rate even as we prove to the world that our knowledge base is on par with the latest technologies and our expertise is in keeping with the latest global standards. The point to be appreciated is that more certified Ascenders resources means a growing asset balance of the Company. So go right ahead, build our assets. Yes, you can.

We have initiated the BPO Division on a sub vendor business model and we have found that it works like a charm. Our vendors are distributed all over South India and are ready for action at the drop of a hat. AscendersTech had been instrumental in driving the CM’s Cashless Medical Insurance Scheme by collecting more than a decade’s worth of physical data from 31 districts and digitizing it in a surprisingly short time span of 4 months. The work involved the actual compilation of old forms from Labour Offices coming under the jurisdiction of the Tamil Nadu Construction Workers Welfare Board and the Unorganized Workers Welfare Board, digitizing of these forms and storage of data in a unique portable database. The software required for this process was also created by AscendersTech. The compiled and processed digital data is now being used to actually implement the CM’s Medical Cashless Insurance Scheme.

Our list of in house achievements is no mean feat either: we have revamped our corporate website ( to suit international standards; our website has been made mobile compatible as well; SEO processes have been implemented and practiced with such religious and methodical pursuit that any Ascenders search always has our presence on the top of the very first page of Google! By using virtualization techniques, we have 3 servers running simultaneously namely Linux, windows server 2003, and small business server 2008.  In our ceaseless quest to explore diversity, we have victoriously entered the Education and Healthcare industries and proved our mettle. We have launched our very own Social Networking site (; our Intranet website has been initiated and is very much in use by all AscendersTech employees; we have developed indigenous systems such as Ascend CRM, Ascend PMS, Ascend HRMS and all are in use; the MS DAX Payroll system has also been successfully implemented for the internal usage of Ascenders; the AscendersTech blog has impressed upon the public that we believe in and practise a balanced approach to work and enjoyment. It is the AscendersTech way of life and yes, we certainly celebrate work.

The Ascenders family has experienced a phenomenal growth in the past two years and with the support of you, the AscendersTech members, the sky is the limit! Speaking about members, our size has increased and it looks like many more will be added soon. We now have the supreme advantage of the wisdom and experience of Technology leaders; we also have, on the other hand, tech savvy and enthusiastic leaders in the making. It is to be mentioned in all fairness that since we are on the route to expansion and more expansion, we expect a few self made leaders to command the reins especially in our overseas ventures. The admirable fact about the Ascenders   family is that not one of you considers it beneath your dignity to learn afresh! Please believe me when I state that this amazing attribute will see us through any trials and tribulations that we might face in the future. If and when we cross that bridge, the Ascenders will be ready for it!

In the meanwhile, we must ponder on an issue at hand…we have made it through the recession fairly unscathed. When that is the case, what other marvelous deeds are we capable of in the months ahead? Is it not time for each of us to take stock of our individual strengths and collectively march ahead with the knowledge and expertise gained over the last two years? Is it not time for the Ascenders to indisputably and indelibly mark our territory in the global IT sphere? Therefore…

Reflect, Revise and Rise, Team Ascenders!


Recruiters' Day starts off on a colourful note

The Recruiters’ Day was conducted courtesy of ERA Chennai Chapter on 9th March 2010 at the Haddows Club, Nungambakkam, Chennai. The Recruiters’ Day is a celebration of the Recruiting Community’s contribution to society, their prime focus being able to match human resources to the right employment opportunities, thereby creating and even changing lifestyles and supporting people in nearly every walk of life.

The event started with our CEO Dr. Thiru (who happens to be the Convenor of the ERA Chennai Chapter this year) welcoming everybody to the occasion.

The Welcome Note by our CEO

The ERA Chairman, Mr. P. Veerendra Mathur, then gave his usual signature speech filled with wit and humor while touching upon the realities of the profession, however grim.

The ERA Chairman at his witty best

The event consisted of various fun episodes such as competitions for singing, balloon blowing and of course, bursting them; dance shows, skits, a mimicry show by the Event Managers and finally the most awaited distribution of prizes.

Blowing and Bursting

The dance show



The MEGA event of the day!

The Vote of thanks was delivered by our CEO Dr. Thiru to a thrilled audience and an exhausted bunch of performers and organizers who had put in their hearts and souls into the show.


Obviously, the next part of the agenda could only be refreshments for the now famished crowd. The entire Recruitment community left with a fresh vitality ready and raring to go and take on new responsibilities and greater commitments and all set to deliver the goods!


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