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The newly started Sports & Games Meet at the AscendersTech offices was a huge hit with one and all. We initiated the first of the monthly Sports & Games meet with a simple set of indoor and outdoor games on June 18, 2011. The B Wing premises were used primarily for Chess and Carrom tournaments. The common terrace was used for badminton, tennikoit and volley ball.

Sadia and Saigeetha have a friendly game of badminton


Who's the hero? Who's the hero?

Renuga worried about Gayathri flying away with the tennikoit!

Balaguru helplessy caught between Sylvia and Anitha

Soon the events turned into a frenzy of activities as a lot of people had signed up for all the games. Also the official games for the day were chess, tennikoit and carrom. The Ascenders soon found themselves moving back and forth from B Wing to the terrace and soon all the events were moved to the open terrace for convenience sake. The ‘unofficial’ games like badminton and volleyball too, found a lot of enthusiastic takers. The afternoon was soon filled with cheers and boos and many loud and funny wisecracks.

Our guest Raj trying his hand at badminton

A comforting pat on the back for the Happy Loser

Harikrishnan diving for the shot!

Refreshments were soon served in the open terrace and then the fun resumed.

A well needed break...

Birla trying hard and failing miserably at volleyball

Esther giving her best shot

Abel about to be 'garlanded' for his athletic attempts!

The organisers hard at work... and play!

The winners of First AscendersTech Internal Sports & Games Event:

  1.           1. Carrom – Tulsi & Ansar Basha (Winners)

Arun KTS & Aadhavan (Runners)


2.  Chess –  Deva (Winner)

Ansar Basha (Runner)

To move or not to move...that is the question

The think tanks at work...

3. Tennikoit – Angeline Priya & Maria Suresh  (Winners)

Birla & Vasugi (Runners)

Winning team with wide grins

A bird's eye view

The prizes for the same will be distributed on the Annual Day Celebrations due on July 9th, 2011.

Seeing the terrific response from all the Ascenders, it has been decided to have a Sports & Games day on the third Saturday of every month. It has also been decided to include more games such as Frisbees, cricket etc.

Discussion first, volleyball next...

Britto's jungle, blood curling, victory scream! (as in TARZAN of the Apes)

Junior in training with mom & aunty Renuga

The Sports & Games Co ordination Committee comprising of Deva, Faisal, Revathi & Tulsi will soon get things rolling in that direction.



Last Wednesday, the AscendersTech recruitment team had the privilege of having the first of regular and formal training sessions with none other than the incomparable Mr. Veerendra P. Mathur flagging it off. He enthralled our recruiters with his blunt and down to earth analyses of the recruitment industry and its processes.

Mr. Mathur in full form

It was with the incredible conclusion that “almost all the efforts by the recruiters universally were wasted!’’, he started the session. And on this blasphemous note, Mr. Mathur cheerfully went about delivering the rest of his gyaan.

The recruiters in rapt attention

After having stated that and receiving incredulous looks in return, he went on to logically prove his statement on the bases of answers to various questions asked to the aghast set of recruiters.

After an hour and a half of debate, the recruiters were at long last, on the same frequency as their trainer and ended up listing the critical parameters of the recruiting process and would collect statistics at the end of each day to help analyze and review their recruiting skills and hence sharpen their axes in order to get that closure.

Our CEO, Dr.Thiru appreciating Mr. Mathur for his efforts

The recruiters have, since their training session, been actively collecting data for the critical parameters as homework and also in preparation for the next session with Mr. Mathur.

Recruiters' interaction after the session


Last Saturday, the Ascenders indulged in a much needed session of fun and frolic. All the Ascenders gathered at the work place in C Wing. The HR department organized an informal forum and the agenda was kept in suspense till the very last minute. People waited with baited breath hesitant about whether they would be required to make a public spectacle of themselves (which also, incidentally, happened to be a part of the agenda!).

The rules of the game

Everyone got themselves seated casually around the Master/ Mistress of Ceremonies (Ms. Revathy) as she articulated that she had been taken by surprise that resources located at B Wing did not really know their colleagues located at C Wing… and vice versa. So the top priority of the forum was to get to know each other; not in the usual, boring way of exchanging introductions but by having someone pointed out to them and guessing their full name and designation. The game resulted in a lot of lighthearted banter and bonding which was the expected outcome.

As anticipated, there was chaos as people mistook each other for someone else and then, were penalized for their ignorance. The penalty was to obey instructions from the offended party!

Who's next?? (Nail biting suspense)

There were many interesting penalties….singing, miming, reciting poetry to name a few.

The highlight of the afternoon –

And then, there was a short yet power packed talk on Time Management by none other than Sadia who is NOW reputed for her punctuality!

Time Management by Sadia

The impromptu session had the Ascenders begging for more and HR is seriously taking up the matter for all working Saturdays.

Dear fellow Ascenders, you can look forward to equally stimulating and rocking Saturday afternoons!

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