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Incentives on the cards!

Today the HRO Team had cause to celebrate. Closures poured in from last week and the work area reverberated with continuous ringing and applause. The recruiters were all smiles and cheer as they rang the bell with a sense of achievement and pride. AscendersTech salutes the Team spirit and joint efforts that went into this massive closure rate and we are sure that this phenomenal incident will be repeated often!

Closures Galore!



Seating Arrangements

Last Saturday saw the Ascenders assembled in the Office terrace once again.

Getting ready

It was a special occasion in which the Ascenders received their prizes that they had so painstakingly won at the Annual Day celebrations. The Smile Box was also opened up for the judges to read out and decide on the best compliment and the most complimented person.

The day started with a simple breakfast in the open and so, the atmosphere turned out to be more like a picnic more than anything else. On this very informal note, the Ascenders had their prize distribution ceremony (if it could be called that).

One of the many prizes

The judges were two brilliant young men – Mr. Vinoth Kumar John Peter and Mr. Shankar Raman Ramachandran.

Vinoth Kumar John Peter

Shankar Raman Ramachandran

They distributed the prizes and awards.

Murali Krishnan is 'A Manager Extraordinaire'

The Winning Tennikoit Team - Maria Suresh & Angeline Priya

Winning Team - 10 Thillalangadis

Winning Team for the Treasure Hunt - Navakusavas

Opening the Smile Box... and fishing for Compliments!

After that, they patiently read out all the compliments posted by the Ascenders to their fellow Ascenders.  As they read out the compliments, they also shortlisted the really impressive ones and finally narrowed down the winning compliment from Mary Sylvia paid to none other than her team lead, Bersin.

Reading the Compliments aloud

Nice to listen to Compliments

Priceless Moments...

The Best Compliment from Mary Sylvia to Bersin

The Ascenders in rapt attention

Special recognitions were due to Sadia for the care and effort she put into buying and organizing gifts for all the events; Deva was honoured for the zeal and enthusiasm demonstrated when he chose to be present for the Annual Day Celebrations in spite of domestic issues.

Anitha Sampath was recognized for her speedy and very effective manner in which she organized the various transport routes for the Ascenders mega event of the year.

Britto was given a prize for executing his exceptionally unique role in Latent Talent. His unquestioning acceptance of his role (a wild animal jumping into the pool!) demonstrated his fiery team spirit.

Tulsi was given two awards: one for being the most enthusiastic participant in the Annual Day Celebrations and another for his brilliant and tireless efforts in making the event a grand success.

Gayathiri was recognized as the ultimate Loudmouth of the event as her screams and whoops were heard way above everyone else’s during the entire event.

Revathi was also rewarded for her Herculean efforts in coordinating and organizing the Annual Day Celebrations.

The guests had a few words to say about AscendersTech and the further growth of AscendersTech in general. The day had begun on a nice and pleasant note and also wound up with a lot of positive vibes. It was a fun Saturday forum as usual.

Prizes Galore!


On 9th July, 2011, AscendersTech started off on its trip to ‘Laughing Waters’ a farmhouse on the East Coast Road to celebrate our third annual day in style. At 6:30 am, the Ascenders all gathered at the office at Parsn Manere.

All set to go...

With the usual Ascenders hullaballoo, the entire troupe fitted in three vans made their way to the lovely farmhouse beside the sea.

'Laughing Waters' - Our hangout for the day

The event managers (Mr. Muralikrishnan & team) were waiting for us along with steaming breakfast and coffee. As soon as the luggage was disposed off, the Ascenders had their fill of breakfast buffet style.

Dr. Thiru introducing our Event Managers - Eddie & Murali just before the Ice-breaker

As the event managers began to get their events rolling, we decided to finish with a little bit of business first so that it would be fun and games all the way after that. The new Leave Policy was presented to the company, tweaked and enhanced.

Maria Suresh introducing our Sr. Recruiter Imran Ansari from our Mumbai Office

Incentives Announcement for the next Quarter - GOLD!

The workforce were reassured that from this year onwards, there were more paid holidays than ever; new special leaves were introduced; in general, the entire Leave policy was more employee friendly than before.

The new Leave Policy in brief...

Immediately after the presentation, it was a continuous riot! The entire company had already been divided into 5 teams and preparations for this day had commenced more than a week before. Mailers were doing the rounds and colorful posters had been put up in both wings.

The events to come...

A smile box for compliments too, had been doing the rounds between the two wings and the onsite locations where a chunk of the Ascenders workforce were deployed.

The team captains introduced themselves with their nick names for the day (Dharamadi Dharmalingam , Tondiarpettai Dhandasoru, Adyar Azhagi, Soapu- Seepu-Kannaadi and Harry Potter Vaayaa)  their vice- captains and their teams (Teams too had peculiar names such as 10 Thillalangadis, Jalabala Junks, Nava Kusavaas, Red Hot Oompaloompas and Adainagappa Pathu Peru.The real day @ Laughing Waters started with a Treasure Hunt which had all the teams in a mad scramble to figure out their clues and search for the next one until they finally found the treasure!

In between events, AscendersTech took the opportunity to recognize performers by awarding certificates.

Dhanashekhar - The Brand Amabassador of the Year

Anitha Sampath - The Rising Star Recruiter of the Year!

Anitha - The Most Loyal Employee!

Nirmal – Outstanding Performer of the Year!

We had various team events such as The Longest Line wherein which everyone literally fell over themselves in a frenzy to create the longest human cum material line!

Most events had representative members playing/ fighting to win points for their respective teams! For example Face Off had one guinea pig from each team to add to their scores by submitting their faces for a makeover!

Before and After

Grinning Girlies of AscendersTech(An Equal Opportunities Employer)

The Girlies going Gaga!

As the weather grew warmer and more humid despite the sea breeze, the Ascenders found themselves shifting to cooler locations within the perimeter.

Lunch is served

The day saw the Ascenders involved in a lot of heavy-duty team work, creative thinking and last minute preparations and modifications. There was a satisfying sense of fulfillment as people brought their heads together to plan, scheme, strategize, nominate and finally execute.

Balloon fight coming up!

Bless you, Boss...

Men in Black are wipe out balloons!

Brothers- in- arms ...for the disaster that followed

A nice set of orderly people...till all hell broke loose!

Noushath: Do I finish him off quickly or slowly & painfully? Dhana: waaah...I want my mummy!

As teams vied with each other amidst friendly jibes and teasing, games unfurled themselves and every member present had a role to play with the sole purpose of bringing points and laurels to their respective teams.

In AscendersTech, everyone toes the line!

In the evening during the much needed tea-break, our Guest of Honour, Mr. Jayaramakrishnan (popularly known as JRK), made his entrance. JRK enthralled the workforce with his hallmark witty conversation and gyaan before awarding the best performers with the traditional AscendersTech  Gold Medals.

Introducing our guest JRK

Bersin was recognized as the Star Recruiter of the Year and Praveen Kumar as Manager Par Excellence.

Bersin - Star Recruiter of the Year

Praveen Kumar - Manager par Excellence

Birthday Celebrations

As the evening drew to a close, other games such as Kadhai Vuttings, Latent Talent and events such as the Birthday Celebrations took place.

Kadhai Vuttings

The Grand Finale was none other than the Fashion Show! Everyone had been waiting for the event with baited breaths. Preparations for this event had begun a week before as there were to be two ramp walks per team – one in style and the other in CROSS DRESSING! The outcome was amazing and downright hilarious…

Couples of AscendersTech

Beautiful Babes of AscendersTech

Handsome Hunks of AscendersTech

Hottest babe in Town!

The prizes for the Sports events that took place in June were distributed and the awards for the day will be distributed in the next Saturday Forum at the office premises.

The Ascenderstech Team (Before)

and After...

Dinner was served; people took a late dip in the pool and generally lazed around after a day well spent.

Ascenders Business Solutions’ Day Out!

Marking the occasion of the completion of one whole year of the MCC contract which is taken care of by our sister concern, Ascenders Business Solutions (ABS), the team had a lovely day out of their usual hectic schedule. The entire team headed by Mr. Muralikrishnan work at the Madras Cricket Club taking care of the Back Office Operations as far as KOT and Billing are concerned. The job goes on a 24*7 cycle and the ABS team work on shifts throughout the day, sometimes stretching beyond hours especially during festive seasons and club occasions.

The team went out on a well deserved holiday outing to MGM resorts and had the time of their lives. They have come back refreshed and invigorated, ready to take on their usual workloads with lighter hearts and more cheer.

All set to rock!

Quote from the staff of ABS:

“Really a wonderful trip… the whole team enjoyed well and is proud of our company about the trip. Each and every staff of MCC appreciated the Ascenders, including the MCC GM, AGM & Admin Manager. Really we are proud to be a part of the Ascenders family”.

@ the MGM resort about to wreak havoc!

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