Ascending your Priorities

Welcoming the New Year!

Welcoming the New Year!

The New Year Bash happened with a gala celebration on 30th Dec 2013 heralding the end of another year and beckoning a fresh and happening New Year.

The Ascenders gathered at the NSIC Auditorium where a variety of programs were planned well in advance. This year we had business presentations made by the heads followed by an inspiring talk by our chief guest Mr. Shaktivel.

Our CPO in action

Our CPO in action

PVR extolling the virtues of Candela

PVR extolling the virtues of Candela

Murugesh explaining his endeavors

Murugesh explaining his endeavors

Alex presenting the HRO way forward.

Alex presenting the HRO way forward.

The young, energetic and dynamic leader of his own quickly growing outfit is a self-made man who believes that the secret of success lies within individuals and he makes it a point to tap that hidden potential in everybody he meets.

Shaktivel - The Shakti behind his own empire!

Shaktivel – The Shakti behind his own empire!

In the small and brief session with us, he managed to awe us with his humility and fluent speech which was fired up with his own enthusiasm and confidence; the confidence he has in people in general is breath taking! No wonder that at his young age he is surrounded with his own army of ardent and faithful followers. His motto: To create and distribute wealth.


A riveting talk.

After a short but completely charged talk that had us all spell bound, we had a treasure hunt that saw the Ascenders running all over the building searching for clues that would ultimately lead them to the treasure.

A spellbound audience.

A spellbound audience.

A sumptuous lunch of biryanis followed. After lunch there was an intellectually stimulating activity – the AscendersTech version of Neeya Naana! Our very own PVR donned the role of Gopinath minus the signature blazer. The topic of debate: Has modern development become a boon or a bane? The discussions (or rather, the heated arguments) that followed had everybody clamoring for his or her say. The best speakers for both teams were recognized by our homegrown Gopinath.

Neeya Naana - AscendersTech style

Neeya Naana – AscendersTech style

Our Gopinath in PVR style...

Gopinath in PVR style…

Then there was fun and games that followed with lots and lots of unbridled laughter. One of the games had contenders vying for AscendersTech strongest man of the year.




New Year Resolutions:
















The Best Resolution


Another game titled ‘Banana Shake’ had contenders shaking bananas out of their trousers!

The Banana Shakes!

The Banana Shakes!

Then there was ‘Baby’s day out’ where mothers made sure that their babies were well fed after their day out.

The bulky hulks...

The bulky hulks…

Mr. Ascender in all his glory!

Mr. Ascender in all his glory!

A card game that had people grabbing gifts from a whole gift display and not satisfied with those, ended grabbing other people’s gifts as well!

Hungry babies!

Hungry babies!

Gifts galore!

Gifts galore!

AscendersTech birthday babies were honored during the course of the day with a lovely birthday cake and gifts.

Birthday cake for eating & greeting...

Birthday cake for eating & greeting…

...not to mention beating!

…not to mention beating!

The finishing touch

The finishing touch

The day went on to see songs sung and danced to with the usual AscendersTech gusto.


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