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19th March 2014 – AscendersTech Anniversary

Another year has quickly slipped away and here we are, standing on the threshold of our seventh year of operations. How time flies and brings with it fresh plans, processes and people…

7th  AscendersTech Anniversary

If we had a magic ball that could give us a glimpse of the future and what it holds for us, wouldn’t that be swell? We would be in a better position to budget and work towards the known rather than the unknown. Unfortunately, there is no magic ball; rather there is only the wisdom to gauge situations as they present themselves…wisdom gathered over the years through a myriad of events, job requirements, customers, vendors, staff, deliverables, ups, downs, swings, offerings and the like.


Lessons and learnings? We (meaning each and every Ascender) run the company as our very own company ought to be run. Jobs have to be done, targets have to be met, sales revenues have to roll in, discipline is to be maintained, timings have to be adhered to and customers have to be satisfied. There are many more details but these pretty much sum it all up.

Our Guest of Honour - Dr. Sandhya Kalidas

Our Guest of Honour – Dr. Sandhya Kalidas

The new lines of business introduced the last financial year:

  1. Language Translation along with all its allied services such as interpretation, proofreading, editing, content localization and voice overs, in an effective and efficient delivery model using modern technology and resources at global locations
  2. Web applications (renewed & refreshed) – a dedicated internal team to deliver the goods as per client specifications


Cake cutting ceremony

Cake cutting ceremony


Our new sister concern – APS or Ascend Property Services dealing with the marketing of Real Estate and all its allied services. We have made quite a few inroads in the Real Estate vertical and have officially announced it very recently.

Wishes to come true...

Wishes to come true…

We have seen an influx of new faces as well as some old ones back into the fold and we welcome them all warmly irrespective of gender, experience and qualifications. The outflows have been regretted as always. But as the saying goes, “The show must go on.”










The HRO department remains to be on top of the internal revenue race what with its capable recruiter workforce and strong customer base. The Web Applications department is trailing right behind and may soon overtake the HRO. Ascenders Business Solutions – ABS – is doing very well under capable hands. The operations are as smooth as ever and this year has seen an increase in the revenues based on the efficient handling of our customer’s systems. The Language Services department seems to be gaining momentum but it is a bit too early to tell. The foundation has been laid well and it is forecasted to be a good year.

We wish every Ascender a long and prosperous growth trajectory in the coming years. We also wish you a career that is driven by passion, loyalty, strong job satisfaction and subsequently, a good work-life merge.


The bell tolls @ ASCENDERSTECH

The offers & closures at the AscendersTech Office are characterized by ringing the bell victoriously. Every revenue generating activity involves the responsible staff to proudly ring the bell so that everybody recognizes the effort put into an activity that has come to a successful conclusion.

Photo 1


Photo 5


Photo 7


2013-10-05 10.07.39

Best Performer Award for Bersin

2013-10-05 10.09.43

The Team

Greeting Card Contest @ ASCENDERSTECH

A contest was held to finalize the Company’s Greeting Card for the year.


The Call for entries...

The Call for entries…

Colorful entries poured in left, right & center. People had a gala with last time entries as well. Some of the entries:







Greeting Front Page

Greeting Back Page
















AnithaC copy







And then finally the winning three entries:

Anitha R.

Anitha R.





The cards will carry the content provided by Mr. PVR.

What to do to EXCEED Customer Expectations – A contest @ ASCENDERSTECH


The competition was about the best doable suggestions regarding Exceeding Customer Expectations. The inputs kept flowing in one after the other till the deadline on 31st August 2013. After a close scrutiny & a discussion on everyone’s suggestions (the best of everyone’s suggestions were read out and appreciated), the results were announced during tea time. Our CEO Dr. Thiru gave away the prizes.

The Contest Details

The Contest Details

Some of the Incredible Inputs :

Implement TQM (we will be the first organization to implement TQM in HRO division among other MNCs or among our competitors) – Anitha R.

Gaps between achieved output and desired output – Anitha R.

Take time out to truly find out what customers want – Udayasri

Hone basic acting skills to maintain cheery persona even with difficult customers – Udayasri

Look & listen for subtle clues about customers’ current mood, patience level, and personality etc. to keep customer interactions positive – Udayasri

Reduce the customer’s work – Bala

While setting expectations, under promise so that we deliver well before they expect – Bala

Be accountable. If you make a mistake, admit it, apologize and make up for it – Sathish Kumar

Be generous. Reward the client with unexpected benefits. – Sathish Kumar

Customer satisfaction should be treated as the Organization Goal – Murugesh

In this fast changing market, we should be able to refresh the customer’s wants – Murugesh

We must constantly update or customize the product and service to adapt to the local markets of different regions – Murugesh

We should proactively ask questions and get clarifications – PVR

We should use online/digital communication technologies such as skype to source suitable candidates while maintaining effective communication standards – Cherian

We have to provide real solutions quickly and also have a clear understanding of the customer’s requirements – Supriya

Acknowledgements/ responses have to be mandatorily be done on a timely basis – Supriya

Use positive communication techniques – Anitha C.

Give each customer individual attention; it’s a great way to make them feel special & valued – Anitha C.

Speed is everything, especially when a customer is requesting something that’s time – sensitive – Mujeeb

Have a clear understanding with the customer about what your role is & isn’t. Both the vendor & the customer should know when the project gets over and how success will be measured – Mujeeb

The more work one does on the customer’s behalf, the more valuable & indispensable you become – Mujeeb

The more problems we solve for the customers, the better – Mujeeb

We have to learn to be open to new & fresh approaches: if we snap to a solution assuming their situation is “just like” others you have come across, it’s turns them off – Mujeeb


Take an extra step (customers notice when an extra effort is being made and will tell it to others) – Mujeeb

Get regular feedback from the customer; to do this, one needs to actually set reminders – Sumathi

Closures and appreciations to be put up on the AscendersTech BLOG for the customer to view – Bersin

Communicate, communicate, communicate – Bersin

We have to be easily accessible (24×7) & sincerely maintain promised TATs – Swathy

We need to make our customer experience through every touch point within our organization a pleasant one all the times – Dhanasekar

 The Winners

First Prize

Mujeeb – First Prize

Second Prize

Murugesh – Second Prize


As always the Ascenders are rewarded for their extraordinary efforts; their drive and passion to excel and prove themselves is amazing and does not go unrecognized. A few outstanding performers recognized for their contributions:

Murugesh for cracking a good deal in his first month!

Murugesh for cracking a good deal in his first month!



Udayasri for bringing in a large client!

Udayasri for bringing in a large client!


Supriya for her first major     recruit!

Supriya for her first major recruit!


Mujeeb for winning a competition (best suggestion for Exceeding Client Expectations)!

Mujeeb for winning a competition (best suggestion for Exceeding Client Expectations)!


Murugesh - second best suggestion for Exceeding Client Expectations!

Murugesh – second best suggestion for Exceeding Client Expectations!


The details & suggestions for the competition on Exceeding Customer Expectations coming soon…






March 19, 2013 - The AscendersTech Anniversary

March 19, 2013 – The AscendersTech Anniversary

Today marks the completion of 5 years. The journey has been a happy, exciting, emotionally charged and sometimes heartbreaking one. In other words it’s been one big rollercoaster ride!

There have been moments when the adrenaline kept pumping till you thought your head was going to burst! Then there have been moments when you twiddled your thumbs waiting for the next bomb to explode.

There have been surprises, pleasant interludes and rude shocks. Staunch loyalties have been tested and there has also been blatant treachery.

Believe me, after AscendersTech, life just hasn’t been the same…

Our Quality systems are in place what with a recertification of the ISO9001:2008 Standards. It is interesting to note that our BPO sister concern Ascenders Business Solutions has also been judged up to the mark in Quality procedures and has been certified too.

Our memberships have only expanded the last year. Along with NASSCOM, ESC, ERA, TASMIA, eWIT and Tie, we have also been awarded a prestigious membership in ISF – Indian Staffing Federation and the IACC (Indo American Chamber of Commerce).

It is also a matter of pride to mention that we have been awarded the Times Group Award namely The Pathfinders 2013 – the Top Ten Entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu.

Apart from Indonesia, we have also put our foot into the US and have stretched our HRO as well as Technology expertise there.

In the technology front, we have diversified significantly with the new caption Enhancing ROI from ERP in terms of servicing all major global ERPs such as SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle apart from our home grown strength – Microsoft Dynamics Axapta ERP & CRM where we have the wherewithal to successfully complete the End to End life cycle of implementation and beyond.

The new face of AscendersTech has seen a drastic makeover – our incursion into the other ERP sectors has brought in a fresh outlook and an entirely new business model. Already we have acquired an exemplary customer from the US for whom we are supporting in terms of oracle Apps; our Oracle journey has fruitfully begun. We have a team of Oracle professionals on board working with their US counterparts on a complicated project that keeps them fully occupied.

In the same manner, AscendersTech has been eyeing the SAP & PeopleSoft market with similar offerings – the most prominent being ROI from ERP. Soon we will be in the midst of a lot of traction in this territory as well.

We have also bravely marched into the product space with two budding and brilliant tools namely the Ascend Edifice and the Ascend HRO.

Ascend Edifice is a product that caters to the Residential Building Industry especially looking after the residents and their issues mainly in the Facility Management segment. Ascend Edifice would bring all the residents together on a common platform in order to facilitate a comfortable community atmosphere.

Ascend HRO is a product meant for the corporates and consultancies with regard to their recruitment activities. AscendersTech has implemented it internally and we are finding it an extremely beneficial tool.

Both products are built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM foundation and have without a doubt been exhibiting its XRM features at every stage of the development cycle. The team behind the two products is a young and vibrant lot who deserve a hearty applause for their tireless work.

The recruitment team as well as the technology team is steadily growing not just in size but also in terms of quality output. Our clientele is also growing proportionately as our Business Development team never rests till they hit their targets. The tiny yet lively support team strives to bring in the best amenities and facilities to the rest of us and we are indebted to them for making the most creative use of their limited resources.

We expect the sixth year to be filled with wonders; we wait enthusiastically for inspiration that we know will come from within as we witness the best of Ascenders bloom under duress and spread their wings into new horizons.

Team Ascenders, it’s time for a new beginning.

As there has been an exodus, there will always be an influx; let’s welcome both the old and the new this year, hoping to learn from both.

It's going to be the Best Year ever!

It’s going to be the Best Year ever!

The Quarterly BUZZ Meet @ Ascenders Technologies

We started the new financial year with The Buzz Meeting on 4th March 2013. The Buzz Meet is meant to do just that – create a buzz!

The BUZZ Meet

The BUZZ Meet

We started with the Birthday celebrations for the Ascenders’ Birthday Babies of the last Quarter.

Ascenders Birthday Celebrations

Ascenders Birthday Celebrations

This was followed by a short introduction of The Buzz initiative by the COO; the meeting was a very informal one with representatives of each department explaining the various activities they were involved in and also articulating the revenues generated by each.

PVR articulating the need for another YOU...

PVR articulating the need for another YOU…




Bersin rewarded

Bersin rewarded














A lovely audience

A lovely audience


This was followed by a potluck high tea and fun and revelry in general…


High Tea!

High Tea!

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