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Achievements @ ASCENDERSTECH

The practice of ringing the bell loudly as a mark of achievement still continues at AscendersTech. Every achievement, however small, is recognized and given its due importance because we believe that every little drop goes on to make an ocean.

Swathi is all smiles

Swathi is all smiles


Bersin is a regular...

Bersin is a regular…


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Supriya is also a regular.

Cherian has a go...

Cherian has a go…


The ringleader dominates

The ringleader dominates


Sumathi celebrating her closures

Sumathi celebrating her closures


Udayasri  beaming!

Udayasri beaming!








March 19, 2013 - The AscendersTech Anniversary

March 19, 2013 – The AscendersTech Anniversary

Today marks the completion of 5 years. The journey has been a happy, exciting, emotionally charged and sometimes heartbreaking one. In other words it’s been one big rollercoaster ride!

There have been moments when the adrenaline kept pumping till you thought your head was going to burst! Then there have been moments when you twiddled your thumbs waiting for the next bomb to explode.

There have been surprises, pleasant interludes and rude shocks. Staunch loyalties have been tested and there has also been blatant treachery.

Believe me, after AscendersTech, life just hasn’t been the same…

Our Quality systems are in place what with a recertification of the ISO9001:2008 Standards. It is interesting to note that our BPO sister concern Ascenders Business Solutions has also been judged up to the mark in Quality procedures and has been certified too.

Our memberships have only expanded the last year. Along with NASSCOM, ESC, ERA, TASMIA, eWIT and Tie, we have also been awarded a prestigious membership in ISF – Indian Staffing Federation and the IACC (Indo American Chamber of Commerce).

It is also a matter of pride to mention that we have been awarded the Times Group Award namely The Pathfinders 2013 – the Top Ten Entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu.

Apart from Indonesia, we have also put our foot into the US and have stretched our HRO as well as Technology expertise there.

In the technology front, we have diversified significantly with the new caption Enhancing ROI from ERP in terms of servicing all major global ERPs such as SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle apart from our home grown strength – Microsoft Dynamics Axapta ERP & CRM where we have the wherewithal to successfully complete the End to End life cycle of implementation and beyond.

The new face of AscendersTech has seen a drastic makeover – our incursion into the other ERP sectors has brought in a fresh outlook and an entirely new business model. Already we have acquired an exemplary customer from the US for whom we are supporting in terms of oracle Apps; our Oracle journey has fruitfully begun. We have a team of Oracle professionals on board working with their US counterparts on a complicated project that keeps them fully occupied.

In the same manner, AscendersTech has been eyeing the SAP & PeopleSoft market with similar offerings – the most prominent being ROI from ERP. Soon we will be in the midst of a lot of traction in this territory as well.

We have also bravely marched into the product space with two budding and brilliant tools namely the Ascend Edifice and the Ascend HRO.

Ascend Edifice is a product that caters to the Residential Building Industry especially looking after the residents and their issues mainly in the Facility Management segment. Ascend Edifice would bring all the residents together on a common platform in order to facilitate a comfortable community atmosphere.

Ascend HRO is a product meant for the corporates and consultancies with regard to their recruitment activities. AscendersTech has implemented it internally and we are finding it an extremely beneficial tool.

Both products are built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM foundation and have without a doubt been exhibiting its XRM features at every stage of the development cycle. The team behind the two products is a young and vibrant lot who deserve a hearty applause for their tireless work.

The recruitment team as well as the technology team is steadily growing not just in size but also in terms of quality output. Our clientele is also growing proportionately as our Business Development team never rests till they hit their targets. The tiny yet lively support team strives to bring in the best amenities and facilities to the rest of us and we are indebted to them for making the most creative use of their limited resources.

We expect the sixth year to be filled with wonders; we wait enthusiastically for inspiration that we know will come from within as we witness the best of Ascenders bloom under duress and spread their wings into new horizons.

Team Ascenders, it’s time for a new beginning.

As there has been an exodus, there will always be an influx; let’s welcome both the old and the new this year, hoping to learn from both.

It's going to be the Best Year ever!

It’s going to be the Best Year ever!

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