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AscendersTech @ CII Connect 2013

September 24 & 25 saw Team Ascenders at the Chennai Trade Fair promoting our technology business specifically our Microsoft Dynamics Axapta ERP& CRM, the HR Outsourcing business & Language Translation Services.

The AscendersTech Brochures

The AscendersTech Brochures

Further, we had the opportunity to showcase our brand new product named CANDELA, a brilliantly simple and efficient POS for retail outlets. Cosyreading too was up on display.

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Pot Luck Lunch & Buzz Meet @ ASCENDERSTECH

The Ascenders all gathered again on September 18th for a mouthwatering Pot Luck Lunch which slowly moved on towards the evening high tea along with the BUZZ Meeting this quarter.

The spread had a variety of tasty dishes especially vegetarian fare in keeping with the ongoing season.




Ladies first…

The feast begins

The feast begins


The potluck lunch brought with it an atmosphere of festivity, gaiety and a sense of relaxed indulgence.


Food & Gossip…



Tea time followed with the cutting of a cake in recognition of the successful Ascenders venture & new services namely our Translation Services.


Our CEO, Dr. Thiru had a few words to share regarding our branching out more significantly as far as Singapore & Malaysia were concerned; our operations there are taking a more firm and bold strides in terms of new opportunities. We have already started to deliver our projects successfully and are in the process of implementing new ones.


Dr. Thiru

Our US operations too will be kick starting very soon what with plenty of significant enquiries pouring in.

Our new Vice President Alexander Kumar was also officially introduced to the team. Alex comes with decades of solid experience in the HR Consultancy sector and aims to exploit his expertise at AscendersTech.



Murugesh went on to explain how the translation services was taking off; he had a lot more to share about the allied services of Translation that AscendersTech was now working on.



HR & Finance teams gave everybody the much needed pep talk. Representatives from other departments too had their say.

Team HRO recognized Supriya for her outstanding performance so far.


And then it was time for high tea.



What to do to EXCEED Customer Expectations – A contest @ ASCENDERSTECH


The competition was about the best doable suggestions regarding Exceeding Customer Expectations. The inputs kept flowing in one after the other till the deadline on 31st August 2013. After a close scrutiny & a discussion on everyone’s suggestions (the best of everyone’s suggestions were read out and appreciated), the results were announced during tea time. Our CEO Dr. Thiru gave away the prizes.

The Contest Details

The Contest Details

Some of the Incredible Inputs :

Implement TQM (we will be the first organization to implement TQM in HRO division among other MNCs or among our competitors) – Anitha R.

Gaps between achieved output and desired output – Anitha R.

Take time out to truly find out what customers want – Udayasri

Hone basic acting skills to maintain cheery persona even with difficult customers – Udayasri

Look & listen for subtle clues about customers’ current mood, patience level, and personality etc. to keep customer interactions positive – Udayasri

Reduce the customer’s work – Bala

While setting expectations, under promise so that we deliver well before they expect – Bala

Be accountable. If you make a mistake, admit it, apologize and make up for it – Sathish Kumar

Be generous. Reward the client with unexpected benefits. – Sathish Kumar

Customer satisfaction should be treated as the Organization Goal – Murugesh

In this fast changing market, we should be able to refresh the customer’s wants – Murugesh

We must constantly update or customize the product and service to adapt to the local markets of different regions – Murugesh

We should proactively ask questions and get clarifications – PVR

We should use online/digital communication technologies such as skype to source suitable candidates while maintaining effective communication standards – Cherian

We have to provide real solutions quickly and also have a clear understanding of the customer’s requirements – Supriya

Acknowledgements/ responses have to be mandatorily be done on a timely basis – Supriya

Use positive communication techniques – Anitha C.

Give each customer individual attention; it’s a great way to make them feel special & valued – Anitha C.

Speed is everything, especially when a customer is requesting something that’s time – sensitive – Mujeeb

Have a clear understanding with the customer about what your role is & isn’t. Both the vendor & the customer should know when the project gets over and how success will be measured – Mujeeb

The more work one does on the customer’s behalf, the more valuable & indispensable you become – Mujeeb

The more problems we solve for the customers, the better – Mujeeb

We have to learn to be open to new & fresh approaches: if we snap to a solution assuming their situation is “just like” others you have come across, it’s turns them off – Mujeeb


Take an extra step (customers notice when an extra effort is being made and will tell it to others) – Mujeeb

Get regular feedback from the customer; to do this, one needs to actually set reminders – Sumathi

Closures and appreciations to be put up on the AscendersTech BLOG for the customer to view – Bersin

Communicate, communicate, communicate – Bersin

We have to be easily accessible (24×7) & sincerely maintain promised TATs – Swathy

We need to make our customer experience through every touch point within our organization a pleasant one all the times – Dhanasekar

 The Winners

First Prize

Mujeeb – First Prize

Second Prize

Murugesh – Second Prize

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