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AscendersTech @ NSIC

Team Ascenders made their way to the NSIC Software Technology Park on Thursday 18th August, 2011 to formally inaugurate their new premises. In a bid to consolidate its existing two premises at Anna Salai, AscendersTech has finalized a large, spacious and more corporate set up at the National Small Industries Corporation Software Technology Park  (the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) Scheme) in Ekkatuthangal, Guindy.

The event started as soon as the guests started pouring into the premises on 18th August at around 4:30 p.m. everyone was seated in the convention hall which was decorated tastefully by the Ascenders Team, and at around 5 pm, the guests were cordially invited to visit the individual modules and witness the lighting of the lamp and the official ribbon cutting for the same.

Decorations @ AscendersTech

Modules 201 & 202 were inaugurated by none other than Mr. Roshan Gandhi, CFO of Mahindra Holidays, while Module 409 & 410 were inaugurated by Mr. Sanjay Ramaswamy,leading Advocate;  Mr. Anand, Finance Director of Columbus IT, Dubai; the server room which is located in Module 409 was inaugurated by Mr. Mahesh Manchi, CIO of Mahindra Holidays and finally Module 406 was inaugurated by Mr. K. Jayaramakrishnan, Vice President, Global Alliances of TCS. Mr. Gokulakrishnan, Deputy Director of STPI was also at hand to help out with the honours. Our bankers, Mr. Bhargava, DGM, Mr. Gajpalla, AGM and Mr. M.V. Swamy, Branch Manager of Union Bank of India were our Special Guests. The GM – Projects, ELCOT & DSP, Mr. Anbuchezian and Mr. Unnikrishnan, Regional Manager, IBM also managed to make it to the event to share their good wishes for the future of AscendersTech.

Lighting the Lamp

Team Ascenders was in full attendance well before the event as each and everyone had a role to play. The entire function had been well planned, coordinated and orchestrated.

All the modules had been spruced up well in advance; colourful rangolis, streamers, balloons and shiny decorations beckoned our esteemed guests.

All set for the big event!

The elegantly designed decorations and rangolis were courtesy of Jyothi, Sadia, Noushath, Faisal, Anitha Pandian, Anitha Sampath, Angeline Priya, Mary Sylvia, Saigeetha, Renuga,  Swathi, Bersin, Gayathiri, Senthil &Arun.

All other behind-the-scenes arrangements were predominantly handled by Tulsi & Aathavan with the support of the Sales & Technology teams.

The Finance team was extremely generous and supportive throughout the exercise by going out of their way to see that things went in exactly the way they had been planned.

Welcome drinks were served as soon as guests began to make their entries.

Brand Ascenders striding ahead!
Brand Ascenders striding ahead of the crowd!

After the official inauguration of the new AscendersTech offices, the crowd was directed back to the convention hall where the guests of honour were invited to take their seats at the dais. Introductions were made and our guests very generously offered their best wishes and congratulations to Team Ascenders.

Felicitating our guests
Audience, interactions et al…

Our CEO, Dr. Thiru warmly welcomed our guests and after the proceedings in which each of our Guests of Honour was suitably felicitated, the Director, Mrs. Jayalakshmi Thirugnanam gave the Vote of Thanks.

Directors of AscendersTech

The comperes fro the event were  Gayathiri and  Sadia.

The event ended with the National Anthem wherein each and every one respectfully stood up with patriotic fervor.

Tea was laid out with a spread of delicious snacks and this department was handled with flair by  Muralikrishnan.



The much awaited New Year Bash started at around 10:00 am at The Accord Metropolitan Hotel at T. Nagar. The Ascenders had gathered at the Hall Sapphire to conduct the Town Hall Meeting for the third quarter of last year. We started with the Director welcoming the Ascenders and presenting the Organization Chart of the Company. The finalized and focused Service Offerings of Ascenders Technologies was presented. The Organization hierarchy was explained in brief, stressing on the six levels that it comprised. It was hinted that the various unit heads would drill down their own Organization structures during their own presentations and would help fit all our resources with their different positions into their respective levels. With that formal opening of the last Quarter presentation, the floor was taken up by Mr. Suresh Kumar Radhakrishnan, Business Head taking care of all Sales & Marketing activities of Ascenders Technologies; next, it was Mr. Maria Suresh who is presently heading the Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) division and is responsible for its Delivery; finally, Mr. Abel Johnny, our Practice Head – Microsoft DAX, who is currently heading the Technology division and taking care of its delivery went on to present their achievements in the last Quarter, their respective targets for the next Quarter and the strategy planned to achieve them. The Ascenders were taken through a detailed presentation by each of the Unit heads.

Our Business Head (watch out folks, he means business!)


Projections that promise...Maria Suresh is confident that team work pays


The able Abel presenting his Modus Operandi

 After the exclusively Ascenders in house session, we were in for a pleasant surprise. We had the privilege of listening to our some of our Customers and our Principals.

Mr. Krishnamurthy - Ex Microsoft Champion & the Ultimate Salesman!

Mr. G. Krishnamurthy, a renowned Partner Account Manager with Microsoft till very recently and currently the CMO with CCH PRO Systems had been invited as a special guest. Mr. Krishnamurthy met the Ascenders and presented a session power packed with motivation. The videos he showed us had the Ascenders glued to our seats but ready to take off on a dynamic pilgrimage to the ultimate Mecca of Life Skills – Achievement. He spoke of his humble beginnings and his adventurous journey to success. He showed us that anyone could reach great heights provided they followed a disciplined methodology. Mr. Krishnamurthy stressed on the need for taking the organization to the level of greatness. He insisted that KPIs and KRAs needed to be set and reviewed consistently on a regular basis and Organizational success was a matter of three steps:

The grand Vision coupled with the strategy to realize it!

Personal greatness or in other words, finding one’s own voice; moving on to leadership greatness, meaning helping others to find their voice and finally, concluding with Organizational greatness by being focused and hell bent on execution. He highlighted these phases of bringing an Organization to its deserving state of greatness by playing a video of a herd of African wild buffalo actually being inspired and, as a direct consequence, motivated by one aggressive member of the herd to attack a whole pack of hungry lions that had caught one of the buffalo calves for their meal. This one member had the courage and conviction to charge at the lions who were about to sink their fangs into the calf that they had already salvaged from a crocodile. This brave act inspired the other members to follow suit and they did not rest till the little one was safely back in the fold. The herd emerged a proud and victorious team. What better analogy for a startup like Ascenders Technologies?

Mr. Purushottaman, Regional Director, NASSCOM made a brief guest appearance but did us proud by promising the wholehearted support of NASSCOM.


 As always, he had the time to share his invaluable and tremendously reliable insights into the IT sector. The IT industry was booming as NASSCOM is able to predict that in 2011, most of the IT business would be realized from the domestic markets.

Words of Wisdom from none other than the Sage of NASSCOM-Mr. Purushottaman

 Before he made a quick getaway, he shared with us clues as to where IT services would be most required in the coming year and to take a leaf out of the existing success stories about tapping the business and executing it.

In rapt attention...

 Mr. B. S. Anand, Director – Finance, Columbus IT, Dubai was an honoured guest being one of the AscendersTech major customers. Mr. Anand had come so prepared that his slides were customized for the AscendersTech team!

The Customer presenting the AscendersTech Agenda for the New Year

Having a valued customer himself telling us in no uncertain manner how to go about perfecting the art of retaining our customers was an excellent session by itself.

Mr. Anand had the 'Ascendarians' in raptures!

Mr. Anand stressed the need to walk that extra mile to retain customers by showing that we cared enough, by responding to their needs and queries and by consistent service and support. He called attention to keeping the lines of communication alive and open at all times; he insisted on not delinking from the customer at any given point; primarily, he mentioned the need to empathize with the customer and actually feel their pain in order to service them better.

 To effectively retain the customers, Mr. Anand shared a lot of priceless tips to be followed within the organization. As a starter, he pointed out that internally all employees are friends and extended family and must be treated as such. He stated that everybody in his/her own right is a leader and could contribute at any level, as IT is considered a privileged industry being wholly knowledge oriented.

Forward March, Team Ascenders!


Positive thinking and optimism were the order of the day and he advised the Ascenders to imbibe these qualities in order to build Ascenders Technologies on the same foundation. Excellence and Quality should be sought after; while travelling the journey in search of these two organization goals, every individual must contribute in every aspect of the business in a polite manner, express one’s ideas however small and most importantly not to lose heart or admit defeat and cold shelf if these ideas are shot down initially.

In an organization the concept of mutual trust and respect are imperative. For continuous future client engagement, customer service is key. By turning current customers into long term partners, excellent reference sites are firmly established and repeat business is assured.

Mr. Anand highlighted the 4P Doctrine of People, Processes, Pricing and Profit for leveraging the AscendersTech business. He concluded the session by impressing on the Ascenders that we have to dream BIG; being global now is excellent but AscendersTech had to find a suitable ranking in the top 5 Global Consulting Businesses very soon. A slide for us to fill in was presented and Mr. Anand insisted that we send it across to him filled so that, in keeping with his self-appointed, additional role of AscendersTech Mentor, he would guide us and monitor our progress. His session left us in awe of his generous nature and motivates us to sharpen our axes, roll up our sleeves and get to work!

AscendersTech was honoured to do the honours for Mr. Anand


Our guests interacting...


Then we had Mr. Rajashekar Reddy, Partner Technology Advisor again from Microsoft who had come to wish AscendersTech all the very best in the New Year.

New Year wishes from Mr. Rajashekar Reddy

 AscendersTech is indeed very fortunate to have the faithful and never ending support of Customers and Principals alike. Mr. Reddy was completely spell bound by the previous presentations that he knew that the Ascenders had received every conceivable guideline for achieving a vibrant yet smooth sailing business year. He kept his value additions for a more personal and informal interaction with the Ascenders during lunch.

Mr. Rajashekar Reddy giving his inputs offline

 Another important guest of the day was the inimitable Dr. Subair Khan, a famous and much sought after Orthopedic Surgeon in the city. He has been associated with Ascenders Technologies right from its inception and also happens to be one of our prized customers. The tech savvy Doctor mentioned how the Ascenders had been a vital part of his brain child and also went on to state that with the help of our team he was planning to take the portal to the next level.

Dr.Subair Khan enumerating his experience with AscendersTech

A much awaited special invitee walked in with his best wishes to the AscendersTech team. He was none other than  Mr. Sathya .S,  Senior Manager – Applications Development at MHRIL. Mr. Sathya has been a pivotal factor when it comes to our professional relationship with one of our most revered customers MHRIL and AscendersTech is truly proud to be associated with him. Our onsite team receives timely support, guidance and facilitation at MHRIL from Mr. Sathya and team. He greeted the Ascenders in his usual affable manner and interacted with them during lunch.

 The corporate session wound up before a  sumptuous buffet lunch.

Soup anyone?

 After luncheon, it was play time! Our Events Manager Mr. Muralikrishnan had rushed to offer his services in spite of being out of station for the past one week on hectic business. He very courteously agreed to conduct our half day of fun and frolic and ensured that the AscendersTech team was a complete riot!

Muralikrishnan in full form!


 After the seriousness of the morning session, it was hilarious to see the Ascenders rolling on the marbled flooring of The Accord Metropolitan while playing the Longest Line, rummaging all over the place looking for pieces of newspaper to fill up the jigsaw puzzle, getting all knotted up (literally!) and then trying to get untangled in Stringing Along, not to mention the Smooching competition that the Ascenders are so fond of!

KISS or miss!!!

Putting the pieces together...









Weird team names were invented: Pachai , Pimpilikaa Pilaapi, Dazzling Birds, Smooth Criminals and Anti Virus!


The one Rupee coin made it’s come back from the Annual Day festivities and went on to find a higher value. This time it ended its circle with Kavitha Rose with an amazing worth of Rupees 10 Billion (and 1)!

Let the smooching begin!


A few more games were played and a lovely Birthday cake was cut for the benefit of the birthday babies of the last Quarter.


The Birthday Babies…


Birthday BASHING!


The day ended with a prize giving for the lucky teams who won the first three places in the competitions. Birthday gifts were also distributed.


So tied up…in work?


Tasty lipstick?

'Freedom from Bondage' was the war cry!


There were wide grins on everyone’s faces and a sense of utter bliss permeated the hall when everyone wished each other a fabulous 2011! There were hugs, kisses, smiles and laughter which rang through the hotel and then reverberated into the New Year with the Ascenders…

The Grinning Girlies of AscendersTech

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