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The Ascenders' Championship Trophy...ok, ok, we're the Runners!

It was a beautiful morning as the ERA member organizations prepared to meet at the Pachaiyappa’s ground for the Final Countdown to the Championship Trophy. Everyone was in high spirits as they geared up for the events by warming up and practicing. There was a general hustle and bustle as people from various teams and companies came together in a pleasant camaraderie eager to get started and very excited to enter the showdown.

The day started with the Tennikoit finals that had the Ascenders pitched against the Covenant team. It was a close and hard match with both teams neck to neck till the finish. Ascenders won a beautiful victory after a tense game.

The Big Win!

This was followed by Volley ball. A pending semifinal from last week events had Korcomptenz pitted against Covenant wherein Covenant had a stupendous victory thus pushing themselves forward to the finals where they played against AscendersTech. It was a long and hard game where both the teams were equally spirited and played aggressively t ill the end. Ascenders won the game amidst a lot of applause and wild cheering from the spectators.

Close Encounter

Volley Ball Team exhausted after the Win

As these games took place in the sidelines, the cricket match between Sampoorna and Zen HR progressed amidst a hilarious commentary going on in the pavilion by the Ma Foi team.

The Wisecracks which were called the 'Commentary'!

They had the audience in splits with their bilingual and at times trilingual observations (the third language being unintelligible). Sampoorna managed to win the Cricket finals squashing the Zen HR team with panache.

The Chief Guest, none other than the Regional Director of Nasscom, Mr. Purushothaman, made his appearance a few minutes before the Guest of Honor, Mr. Jagadish from News Today.

The Chief Guest-Mr.Purushothaman-Regional Director, NASSCOM

The Guest of Honour-Mr.Jagadish- NEWS TODAY

The Valedictory

The guests were visibly thrilled to have been just in time to witness the Relay races for both men and women.

The relay for women was comfortably won by Covenant, followed by Axis HR. Ascenders, with a lot of effort made it to the finish line in the third position.

The Ascenders Relay Team flashing their nervous smiles...

Ravi raring to race!

In the men’s relay race, Covenant took the first place amidst a lot of fanfare.

The Valedictory and Awards ceremony took place quickly after the events. The guests did the honors very graciously and there was a lot of cheering as Teams vied for their hard earned cups.

Volley Ball Winners!

All the events were announced and the Winners and Runners Cups were distributed. There was continuous thundering applause and cheering as teams clambered for their awards. The kids’ certificates were also distributed. Because of the low turnout of the children, the certificates were grouped according to the Companies and distributed.

In the midst of all this, a very memorable activity was conducted purely on the initiative of our beloved CEO, who is also the ERA Chennai Chapter’s Convenor this year. He announced an auction of all the sports goods and materials purchased for this year’s Sports Meet. And he also announced that the proceeds of the auction would be donated to the Cancer Society, Chennai.

All the companies present very generously bought the goods and there was a lot of good humored competition during the bidding. CEOs outdid themselves and the figure arrived at after the things were auctioned amounted to a neat Thirty Five thousand.

A desperate attempt to bid...but foiled!

The Chairman of ERA, Mr. Veerendra P. Mathur, also the MD of Future Focus very generously rounded off the figure to a cool fifty grand and as a parting gift, Mr. Purushothaman added a thousand finally making the amount a whopping Fifty One grand.

Sealing the deal (for the Cancer Society):))

The Core Team got well deserved recognition in the form of beautifully engraved plaques. The CEOs were in turn honored for their commitment to the ERA Chennai Chapter by “Going the Extra Mile’!

Finally, the much awaited event, that is, the announcement of the Winners and Runners for the Championship Trophy took place even as the entire audience listened with bated breath. Covenant was declared the undisputed Winner of the Championship Trophy while Ascenders bagged the Runners up Trophy!

Ascending to Victory!

On the whole the entire ERA Chennai Sports Meet 2010 was a furious flurry of activity, games and sports. The Companies were undaunted by the rains and happily took part in the suddenly planned and executed extension of the meet the following Sunday. All companies, with the true spirit and sense of sports and competition, jumped into the ERA bandwagon to make the occasion happy and memorable. A real spirit of charity was also displayed liberally.

After the entire event was over, teams trudged back home exhausted and content that they had given their very best.

Ascenders' First Place for Tennikoit, Volley Ball & Running (for men)


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