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HR activities at AscendersTech include regular health checkups such as eye checks and dental checks. Team Ascenders had to have their mandibles checked and reports were issued on the spot; the dentists from Vasan Dental Care had been on call for performing this yeoman service. The dental team arrived with state-of-the-art technical equipment which they set up in no time at all and began their detailed examinations coupled with professional advice complete with attractive dental treatment offers.

Looks like no problems here…


Looking for problems here…


Just might be some problems here…




Dr. Agarwal’s @ AscendersTech


The Eye Camp organized by HR at AscendersTech was a good hit what with all the Ascenders taking part in a routine eye checkup conducted by doctors from Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital.

It was a well conducted event initiated, coordinated and executed by the Ascenders HR Team. The doctors did a thorough job followed by a general eye care presentation which was well taken by the Ascenders.

The checkups begin

Trying to see / visualize?


The target spot on

Part of the checkup routine

Waiting their turns…

The Total Eye Care presentation

Looks like the Ascenders will ‘blindly’ follow instructions here…



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