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International Women’s Day 2015 @ ASCENDERSTECH

For all the Ascenders women & all ascending women from Jayalakshmi Thirugnanam (Director, Ascenders Technologies):

womens day

This is a message to you from me on the occasion of Women’s Day – woman to woman.

“If you pick a particular role or way people see you, it generally sticks for life.”

A small statement I came across very recently and I am amazed at its hard-hitting truth because it came from a woman and she meant it for women.

So choose your roles carefully and decide how you want to be seen and perceived.

Make up your minds that you are always equal to men, if not superior to them.

And I mean in all ways – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

We are usually told (mostly by other well-meaning women) to speak, behave and even think in a manner that is convenient for menfolk.

We are conditioned to believe that we are around to facilitate men.

Please do not give in to such wrong beliefs.

Every human being is born in this world to experience self-fulfillment and happiness.

These could come from any source.

You could be happy being a career woman or you could be happy tending a family.

You could be happy painting beautiful pictures or you could be happy creating delicious meals.

It could be anything!

It is up to you to recognize what makes you happy; make it your objective and respect yourself for it.

Only if you respect yourself, believe in your dreams and follow them through, you will be respected by the world.

Express yourself, your desires, dreams and opinions clearly and firmly.

Everything else will fall in place – how you want it to.




A one hour training session on Email Etiquette was conducted by our Director Mrs. Jayalakshmi Thirugnanam at the AscendersTech Conference Hall on July 20, 2010 at 8:30 a.m.

The session primarily dealt with Email Etiquette, why it is required as part of any corporate culture and the most common rules needed to follow Email Etiquette.

The three main reasons why Email Etiquette is to be followed are to maintain professionalism, to be efficient and to be protected from liability.

The rules included fundamental dos such as being concise, using proper spelling, grammar & punctuation, using the right tone, acknowledging/replying on time, using proper structure & layout, adding disclaimers, proof reading the mail before sending, using BCC or preferably mail merge, proper formatting, using meaningful subjects, keeping the language gender neutral etc.

Fundamental don’ts were also touched up on such as not attaching unnecessary files, overusing the high priority option, not writing in capitals, not leaving out the message thread, overusing the Reply to All option, using abbreviations and emoticons, forwarding hoax mails and chain mails, recalling a message, discussing confidential information, sending or forwarding emails containing libelous, defamatory, offensive, racist or obscene remarks, replying to spam etc.

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