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March 19, 2009

We thought that this would be an appropriate time to look back at the whirlwind of activities we were all engaged in last year and would like to elaborate on our achievements of the same.

It is with pride that we note we were able to successfully put state-of-the-art practices within the reach of the entire organization by implementing ISO Management System Standards. Even more interesting is the fact that we are the first IT Company in Taminadu to be certified as complying with ISO9001:2008 Standards.

Now there are written procedures, instructions, form and records in place. These help ensure that our organization goes about its business in a well structured manner. Consequently, this paves the way for effective utilization of time, money and all other resources.

We have also become the first Indian Solution Partner for Nimbus, UK. In the process we have gained expertise in Business Process Management and with the Nimbus tool ‘Control 2007’, we can swiftly and efficiently manage the migration of outdated/ obsolete technology towards more current and advanced versions.

With the sole  objective of providing comprehensive service support for IT products including technical help desks, repair and refurbishment services, warehousing support, facility management service and logistics services, we have partnered with Redington (India) Limited and SUN, IBM.

We have secured prestigious memberships with NASSCOM, ERA, ESC, TASMIA, etc. As a matter of fact, our founder Dr. Thiru has also been chosen this year as Co Convenor of ERA (Executive Recruitment Association), Chennai Chapter.

In today’s global business environment, companies must gain competitive advantage through talent acquisition. Our recruitment solutions help leading brands in their sectors identify, target, select and hire the right people as quickly and efficiently as possible. The objective of this line of business is to remove the transactional burden of recruitment for our customers. Our Human Resources Outsourcing wing has been expanding in terms of resources along with an ever increasing customer database.
The past one year  has witnessed unique experiences and our expertise and knowledge acquired since then has seen us grow from strength to strength, adding to our portfolio of partners, expanding from minor IT/ITES technology sectors to an advanced technology portfolio, wherein we have been building our network, upgrading our infrastructure, and last but not least of all, enhancing our skills. In the process, as our trusted employees, you have each been empowered to not just meet but to exceed customer expectations.

We invite each one of you to always be a part of the AscendersTech way of life, and celebrate work as you have never done before!


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