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All ready for the Pooja

With great pleasure the Ascenders Family celebrated Ayudha Pooja at the AscendersTech premises on Saturday, 16 October ’10 at around 5 p.m. this time the pooja was conducted at both premises, starting with the new office at B Wing, Parsn Manere and continued as usual at the Corporate Office situated in C Wing, Parsn Manere.

The celebrations actually started by decorating the offices very colorfully. All the employees gathered for the pooja at both offices. As usual, the occasion was far from solemn as the Ascenders always like to have their fun. Prayers were offered for the prosperity of the company. We were very privileged to have none other than Mr. K. Purushottaman, Regional Director, NASSCOM, as our special guest.

A short intro about Mr. Purushottaman

Mr. Purushottaman very graciously attended the pooja and even did us the honour of distributing the Ayudha Pooja gift to all the Ascenders. Another special invitee was our past Vice President (Technology) Mr. Raajaram himself.

Mr. Raajaram


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