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There have been many changes at AscendersTech and we can proudly state that they all have been for the betterment of the organization. Revamps, indeed, resweeps have actually cleared the air and the cobwebs no longer haze our vision; in fact, now there is a startling clarity on the road that we had originally set out on. A restructuring change has long been required and now that is very much on the agenda. A few old faces have decided to move on and fade out, making room for newer, fresher ones. We have during the last quarter, seen the exodus of Mr. K. Raajaram, Mr. P.Vijaya Raghavan and Mr. P. Senthil Kumar in that order. We at AscendersTech understand the intrinsic nomadic instincts of the human race in general and have very graciously accepted the fact that people who have to leave have never really been joined to us in the first place. We also accept humbly that the same people who had only a short stint with the AscendersTech family were truly family while they were with us; indeed, it was their efforts and good intentions that helped bring AscendersTech to its present steady state. Each is appreciated for his timely and concentrated hard work that helped shape AscendersTech into its established corporate status. And in the same manner, we welcome the newcomers who have stepped in to fill up the gaps after their departure; there has been quite an inflow of resources in the last quarter, both experienced and inexperienced. A few newcomers have come to AscendersTech in search of a career, a secure position and professional identity; as a consequence, they have also built niches for themselves within the organization and will one day be known as the pillars of AscendersTech; and there are others who come to us seeking only shade and shelter during uncertain times. We have opened our doors to all in the hope that the relationship would turn out to be a truly and mutually beneficial one for all concerned. We, however, have to let certain resources go their own ways probably because their destinies bid them do so. We have learned that separation is essential to growth and so we courteously part ways. As with separation, there is such a thing as union. Unions have also happened in plenty and AscendersTech is expanding what with the new requirements and projects coming in. Very soon our cup will overflow and there just could be a dearth of talented resources in house. To combat this situation, AscendersTech is proactively hiring. The Sales Team currently comprising of the dynamic duo namely Suresh Kumar Radhakrishnan and Varadarajan are aggressively pushing the organization into hitherto untouched territories and the outcomes are positive. 

Suresh Kumar Radhakrishnan - GM - Business Development

I.S. Varadharajan - AM - Client Relations


As part of these fresh and enterprising initiatives, AscendersTech is in the process of building up not only its sales team, but also the recruiting team. We are also strengthening our Microsoft DAX Practice and simultaneously we are in the process of building our PeopleSoft Practice. Again we reiterate,” AscendersTech is HIRING!”

Again, we take this as the opportune moment to welcome the seriously and professionally inclined populace of the IT fraternity to be a part of the AscendersTech way of life and work.


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