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Pongal 2012 @ AscendersTech!

The AscendersTech Pongal Special!

Vanakkam, Vandanam, Swaagatham...

Today the office was in a free and festive mood what with Pongal just around the corner. This year the celebrations were a little grander than usual, there was a nice little Pooja conducted, staff came forward to entertain their colleagues with melodious songs; the ambience was pleasant.

Pooja @ AscendersTech

Solomon belting out Kannadasan hits!

Entertainment galore at AscendersTech!

The new nightingale of Ascenders - Maha

Singing sensation Solomon with his partner(?)

After a short prayer, sweet pongal was distributed.

AscendersTech Maamis tasting Pongal


Amidst the celebrations, there was a sugarcane breaking competition where all the He-men of AscendersTech proved their prowess much to everyone’s delight.The competition was initiated by our CEO Dr. Thiru.

Dr. Thiru trying his hand (leg actually) at sugarcane breaking...


There was a lot of cheering as each He-man tried to outdo the other by employing various techniques to break bunches of sugarcane. We had bits of sugarcane flying around with each resounding crack; someone actually began to crush the juice out of his sugarcane! Juice sprayed across the office amidst loud applause.

Bright beauties of AscendersTech!


The team


Handsome hunks of AscendersTech!


The Vaetti / Vetti Gang!


Noushath doing his bit


Siddiah cracks a cane


Abel ably does his part


Boisterous Bala at his best!


Bharathi got the technique wrong


Simple stuff for Mahendran


Ansar showing off his might!


Minor Maria Suresh had to give up his title...

And this year's Minor isss......


Kung-fu Panda (sorry, Hemjit)


Ashok apprensively accepting his load


Simply simple Surya!


A resounding crack for Dilli!


Not only does he dance...


A call for open arm combat!


...and Maria Suresh chickens out.

Pradap gives a swift blow

Manju does it Karate style!

Bangles and flowers were distributed to the women folk of AscendersTech; everyone got a taste of the traditional sweetmeats procured by HR & Admin just for the occasion.

Bangles, Mehndi & Flowers


It was a loud and jocular occasion where our CPO donned the role of a solemn priest at the beginning of the celebrations and then switched over to his excellent HR persona where he highlighted the fact that all the songs sung during the occasion had been Krishna lyrics; and this only symbolized that Krishna being a universal and master strategist, this year would be a year of Strategy for Ascenders Technologies!

The strategy evolved in the Mahabarath highlighted for the Ascenders...

The dynamic duo behind it all...



Happy Pongal everybody!

In keeping with the AscendersTech custom, the Ascenders turned out in their most traditional attire to celebrate the Pongal festival.

The bright beauties of AscendersTech!

The Managerial Minor of AscendersTech!

The Pongal festival bids the old adieu and rings in the new…AscendersTech too is out to welcome the new and prosperous tidings of the year and wishes all its associates Happy Pongal and Prosperity all around! 


Jyothi - Dressed up for Pongal

Petite in Pattu Paavadai!

All colours & smiles

Pollachi Pista!

Pongal Recruitment in full swing!

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