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Incentives on the cards!

Today the HRO Team had cause to celebrate. Closures poured in from last week and the work area reverberated with continuous ringing and applause. The recruiters were all smiles and cheer as they rang the bell with a sense of achievement and pride. AscendersTech salutes the Team spirit and joint efforts that went into this massive closure rate and we are sure that this phenomenal incident will be repeated often!

Closures Galore!




Maria Suresh leading his team to a Resounding success!

As a motivational measure, a bell has been put up to be rung for each closure made by our recruiters; One chime for a closure and two for a joinee.

 Yesterday, AscendersTech initiated the bell ringing ceremony with three closure chimes. We had our lucky mascot Ms. Kavitha Rose ring the first bell to symbolize her latest closure;

Kavitha Rose ringing away!

Sridharan followed by his symbolic closure and Bersin represented Anitha Sampath’s closure. The work space reverberated with the ringing in of success. The AscendersTech Bell waits to be rung by each and every victorious recruiter every single day!

Sridharan ready to sound the bell

Doing the honours in Anitha's place...


And so Team Ascenders,

“As therefore the bell that rings to a sermon, calls not upon the preacher only, but upon the congregation to come: so this bell calls us all…” – John Donne

All set to ring in a roaring recruitment year!

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