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Achievements @ ASCENDERSTECH

The practice of ringing the bell loudly as a mark of achievement still continues at AscendersTech. Every achievement, however small, is recognized and given its due importance because we believe that every little drop goes on to make an ocean.

Swathi is all smiles

Swathi is all smiles


Bersin is a regular...

Bersin is a regular…


Photo 8

Supriya is also a regular.

Cherian has a go...

Cherian has a go…


The ringleader dominates

The ringleader dominates


Sumathi celebrating her closures

Sumathi celebrating her closures


Udayasri  beaming!

Udayasri beaming!







The bell tolls @ ASCENDERSTECH

The offers & closures at the AscendersTech Office are characterized by ringing the bell victoriously. Every revenue generating activity involves the responsible staff to proudly ring the bell so that everybody recognizes the effort put into an activity that has come to a successful conclusion.

Photo 1


Photo 5


Photo 7


2013-10-05 10.07.39

Best Performer Award for Bersin

2013-10-05 10.09.43

The Team


Incentives on the cards!

Today the HRO Team had cause to celebrate. Closures poured in from last week and the work area reverberated with continuous ringing and applause. The recruiters were all smiles and cheer as they rang the bell with a sense of achievement and pride. AscendersTech salutes the Team spirit and joint efforts that went into this massive closure rate and we are sure that this phenomenal incident will be repeated often!

Closures Galore!


Last Wednesday, the AscendersTech recruitment team had the privilege of having the first of regular and formal training sessions with none other than the incomparable Mr. Veerendra P. Mathur flagging it off. He enthralled our recruiters with his blunt and down to earth analyses of the recruitment industry and its processes.

Mr. Mathur in full form

It was with the incredible conclusion that “almost all the efforts by the recruiters universally were wasted!’’, he started the session. And on this blasphemous note, Mr. Mathur cheerfully went about delivering the rest of his gyaan.

The recruiters in rapt attention

After having stated that and receiving incredulous looks in return, he went on to logically prove his statement on the bases of answers to various questions asked to the aghast set of recruiters.

After an hour and a half of debate, the recruiters were at long last, on the same frequency as their trainer and ended up listing the critical parameters of the recruiting process and would collect statistics at the end of each day to help analyze and review their recruiting skills and hence sharpen their axes in order to get that closure.

Our CEO, Dr.Thiru appreciating Mr. Mathur for his efforts

The recruiters have, since their training session, been actively collecting data for the critical parameters as homework and also in preparation for the next session with Mr. Mathur.

Recruiters' interaction after the session



Maria Suresh leading his team to a Resounding success!

As a motivational measure, a bell has been put up to be rung for each closure made by our recruiters; One chime for a closure and two for a joinee.

 Yesterday, AscendersTech initiated the bell ringing ceremony with three closure chimes. We had our lucky mascot Ms. Kavitha Rose ring the first bell to symbolize her latest closure;

Kavitha Rose ringing away!

Sridharan followed by his symbolic closure and Bersin represented Anitha Sampath’s closure. The work space reverberated with the ringing in of success. The AscendersTech Bell waits to be rung by each and every victorious recruiter every single day!

Sridharan ready to sound the bell

Doing the honours in Anitha's place...


And so Team Ascenders,

“As therefore the bell that rings to a sermon, calls not upon the preacher only, but upon the congregation to come: so this bell calls us all…” – John Donne

All set to ring in a roaring recruitment year!


18th December 2009 witnessed the Indian Recruitment community gathered at The Accord Metropolitan in Chennai to flag off ERA 2009 (4th Chennai National Conference). The predominant theme for the conference was ‘Transformation in the Recruitment Landscape’.

Let the games begin!

The 50 meter the bar

The 50 meter the bar

The event started with registrations at 2p.m. the welcome address was given by Dr. Surjith who happens to be the Convenor of ERA (Chennai Chapter) and also the CEO of Zen HR.

The Convenor and the Co Convenor

The sessions had plenty of popular speakers namely G.D.Sharma (President-HR in BGR Energy Systems Ltd.), Suresh Anubolu (Director-HR, Computer Associates), Ragland Thomas (Head-human Resources, Zenta), Sriram V (Head – Human Resources, Hexaware Technologies), R.A.Krishna Kumar (Asst. Executive Director – Human Resources, Dalmia Cements), Raj Prabhakar (CEO and Founder, FYMC), Ranganathan N.K. (Managing Director, Grundfos Pumps), K.Pandia Rajan (Managing Director, Ma Foi Group & Randstad India), Fr. N. Casimir Raj S.J. (Founder Director, LIBA) and B. Venkatramana (Senior Vice President & Group HR Head, Landmark Group India).

The ERA Bigwigs

The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Thiru, our CEO.

The Vote of Thanks

A point worth mentioning is that our CEO had, in the course of events, been unanimously voted as the Convenor (ERA, Chennai Chapter) for the coming year. Also to be noted is that our Ravindiran had been awarded a souvenir for his creativity that had been put to maximum use for the conference.

Creative Genius Award!

The event was attended by CEOs, Directors, Strategic Planners, Senior Management, HR Professionals, Recruitment Consultants, Educational Institutions and Technology Providers and proved to be a grand success.

The ERA Team

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