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Ascenders Technologies chose to celebrate its 2nd Annual Day at the hills of Yelagiri with its all its splendor.  It was a whole weekend filled with fun and frolic. The Rhythms Resort echoed with the continuous giggles and laughter of the Ascenders family.

The team began its journey from Chennai early in the morning of 29th May. Breakfast was served in the train.

Breakfast was amazing (shocking??)

The Ascenders Bonhomie

A well deserved snooze...zzzzz....

A few rounds of Housie followed. The holiday spirit was high and the van trip from Jolarpettai station up the winding hills of Yelagiri proved to be pleasurable what with the cool winds welcoming us to the top.

The Rhythms Resort by the lake

We received an excellent panoramic view of the lake which happens to be right next to the resort!

After freshening up, we were all geared up to take part in the events planned well in advance for us by our event managers Murali and Suresh, not to forget a little fellow by name Ashwanthe.

Team games, ice breakers, festivities and song and dance followed by the dozen.

Hairdressing contest!

The games were light and had everyone in splits. Team competition was high and fiery. Points were awarded and deducted depending on the rules laid down. Everyone was an enthusiastic participant and made sure he or she gave their best for the team.

Master Praveen

Ramabhadhra in a heady dance

PVR did a Vadivel!

balloon balancing

Mani getting all dolled up for the party!

Smooch, smooch...

Team names were wildly imaginative and downright funny. The teams were Boris Beggars, Chunky Monkey Shaolin Pallikoodam Guyz, Theerpu Thirumugham, Kaipullai and Morrattu Singhanghal.

Chunky Monkey gang in their Pallikoodam (NOTE- Ninja master at work)

Every team made a special appearance with costume, dialogues and all. The ascenders family had a gala time discovering major potential on such short notice.

Theerpu Thirumugham (watch out on Judgement Day!)

The Boris Beggars (They had us begging for mercy!)

Kaipullai - They are recruiting left & right (even blindfolded!)

The Ascenders always do things differently…we wrap up our mummies in toilet paper!

Embalmed and all!

The mummies and the dummies

In the midst of all these festivities, we had the most awaited and anticipated event- the prize giving ceremony which was done with a lot of fanfare and award befitting background music….

Rajat - The Ascenders Role Model

Maria Suresh - Best Ascenders Manager

Bersin - Top Recruiter of the year

Lakshmi - Service par Excellence!

Praveen - The Ascenders Brand Ambassador

Ravi - Innovative Designer

Karthik - The Custodian of the Ascenders' Assets

Abel Johnny - The Best Business Leader of the year

The mega event of the day – Mr. Ascenders!

The 'man' of the year- Mr.Ascenders-Ravi-he begged his way to the top!

The winner of the event -Ravi though skinny, he impressed all the female judges by falling at their feet at the very beginning! Vasanth followed with a brilliant performance of muscle juggling. Suresh scared the judges with his threatening eye movements not to mention his bobbing belly! Senthil impressed with his once-upon-a-time fit body and his perpetual grin. Finally, came the shy Ramesh and managed to do a jig. Anyways, the boys must be appreciated for throwing off their shirts and doing their bit for their teams…

And that night after the events…


The next day saw the Ascenders immersed in cricket followed by boat rides on the lake.


After these cheerful episodes, we assembled in the conference hall again for karaoke and dancing which was followed by group photo sessions.

Our very own Hariharan(s)!

Saritha - The dancing queen!

Dance pe Chance maar le, oh Soniya...

Looking forward (sideways?), together, forever...

After lunch, we took the road down the hill to catch the 4:55 Brindavan Express from Jolarpettai to Chennai.

Country Road, take me home...


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