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Today marks the start of our fifth year in existence!

The feeling is exhilarating and I’m sure that the small bunch of old faithfuls in our organisation feels the same way. The newcomers have an edge for sure as they have had the luxury of a process in place whereas the old timers went through the rigmarole of settling down in a seemingly chaotic environment and were actually instrumental directly or indirectly in the making of a process based organisation. They have traveled with us in the long and bumpy road and during this journey, have forged close, emotional relationships that will see us till the end destination.  The journey which we had started out with stars in our eyes on March 19th, 2008 still continues and the exuberance with which we began has not diminished over the years!

We wished to become a conglomerate and it is with pride that I announce to one and all, that the first steps towards this goal have already been initiated. In the course of the FY 2012 – 13, we would announce it in more detail.

Our memberships such as NASSCOM, ESC, ERA, TASMIA, TiE still hold us in good stead. Our previous Associate Membership with NASSCOM has been upgraded to a regular membership wherein which we are now entitled to voting rights and various other privileges.

The last year found us shifting base to the reputed NSIC Software Technology Park as we direly needed more space.  This expansion has led to our esteemed membership with STPI. In a bid to accommodate the laudable aspects of inclusivity and diversity, we have also become a corporate member of eWIT (Empowering Women in IT). One of our most prestigious achievements last year was being bestowed with the NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award. This was possible due to the focused and innovative efforts of the AscendersTech team.

Last year saw us expand our technology base as well, in terms of creating new practices, or more specifically, Centers of Excellence in Dynamics Axapta CRM and EPM apart from our existent ERP practice. To make sure that all practices and projects run seamlessly and smoothly, we have also established the much needed Project Management Office and it is doing its job efficiently. The Delivery team has been inducted into the PMO style of delegation and work and we are proud to declare that projects can and will be delivered on time and with the expected quality outputs thanks to the untiring efforts of the PMO.

In this regard, we would like to announce that from 1st April 2012, our Finance Team would be working on the Dynamics Axapta Finance Module thus making our internal Axapta implementation a grand success. We also foresee, in quick succession, the implementation of the dynamics Axapta HR Module.

We have changed our style of Operations stressing on the need to be a lean, trim and strong organisation. The new concept of Account Managers especially in the HRO Division has been introduced and has shown tremendous result in terms of Client Relationship Management and as a consequence, we hope to see profitability as well. We can boast of following the best practices in Recruitment especially where process and speed are concerned. The HRO organisation is by far, the leanest and meanest, as far as business is concerned. The sourcing team has been established with a view to reduce dependencies on commercial portals, strengthen Social Recruiting skills, save time and create elite and specialized skills in Recruitment. We are in the process of establishing a well-oiled and professional Recruitment Mechanism and every Ascenders recruiter is essentially a part of it.

An aggressive Sales team is in place with very focused business goals. We have also for the first time in AscendersTech history, introduced an Inside Sales Team and we are in the process of reaping our investments. The need for each and every Ascender to be a Sales person in his / her own right cannot be stressed enough. It is also in this context that we wholeheartedly reiterate that AscendersTech is a Sales driven Organisation. Our new branding, given the present circumstances, lays claim to this fact.

Our support teams especially HR, Admin, Finance and IT have all been well established and further fortified with the help of experienced stalwarts in the industry.

We have come a long way under the capable leadership of our beloved CEO Dr. Thiru. Our flagship Ascenders Technologies Private Limited has been recognized across states crossing even national boundaries not just for our efficient delivery but also because of each and every Ascender’s realization and acceptance that the our priority is ascending our Customer’s priorities!

Team Ascenders, I give out the call for renewed vigour from you all to continue our exciting journey of Business Excellence as a part of the Ascenders family. Let us together chart out the route to our destiny and always be a part of the celebration that is ASCENDERSTECH!


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