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AscendersTech @ NSIC

Team Ascenders made their way to the NSIC Software Technology Park on Thursday 18th August, 2011 to formally inaugurate their new premises. In a bid to consolidate its existing two premises at Anna Salai, AscendersTech has finalized a large, spacious and more corporate set up at the National Small Industries Corporation Software Technology Park  (the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) Scheme) in Ekkatuthangal, Guindy.

The event started as soon as the guests started pouring into the premises on 18th August at around 4:30 p.m. everyone was seated in the convention hall which was decorated tastefully by the Ascenders Team, and at around 5 pm, the guests were cordially invited to visit the individual modules and witness the lighting of the lamp and the official ribbon cutting for the same.

Decorations @ AscendersTech

Modules 201 & 202 were inaugurated by none other than Mr. Roshan Gandhi, CFO of Mahindra Holidays, while Module 409 & 410 were inaugurated by Mr. Sanjay Ramaswamy,leading Advocate;  Mr. Anand, Finance Director of Columbus IT, Dubai; the server room which is located in Module 409 was inaugurated by Mr. Mahesh Manchi, CIO of Mahindra Holidays and finally Module 406 was inaugurated by Mr. K. Jayaramakrishnan, Vice President, Global Alliances of TCS. Mr. Gokulakrishnan, Deputy Director of STPI was also at hand to help out with the honours. Our bankers, Mr. Bhargava, DGM, Mr. Gajpalla, AGM and Mr. M.V. Swamy, Branch Manager of Union Bank of India were our Special Guests. The GM – Projects, ELCOT & DSP, Mr. Anbuchezian and Mr. Unnikrishnan, Regional Manager, IBM also managed to make it to the event to share their good wishes for the future of AscendersTech.

Lighting the Lamp

Team Ascenders was in full attendance well before the event as each and everyone had a role to play. The entire function had been well planned, coordinated and orchestrated.

All the modules had been spruced up well in advance; colourful rangolis, streamers, balloons and shiny decorations beckoned our esteemed guests.

All set for the big event!

The elegantly designed decorations and rangolis were courtesy of Jyothi, Sadia, Noushath, Faisal, Anitha Pandian, Anitha Sampath, Angeline Priya, Mary Sylvia, Saigeetha, Renuga,  Swathi, Bersin, Gayathiri, Senthil &Arun.

All other behind-the-scenes arrangements were predominantly handled by Tulsi & Aathavan with the support of the Sales & Technology teams.

The Finance team was extremely generous and supportive throughout the exercise by going out of their way to see that things went in exactly the way they had been planned.

Welcome drinks were served as soon as guests began to make their entries.

Brand Ascenders striding ahead!
Brand Ascenders striding ahead of the crowd!

After the official inauguration of the new AscendersTech offices, the crowd was directed back to the convention hall where the guests of honour were invited to take their seats at the dais. Introductions were made and our guests very generously offered their best wishes and congratulations to Team Ascenders.

Felicitating our guests
Audience, interactions et al…

Our CEO, Dr. Thiru warmly welcomed our guests and after the proceedings in which each of our Guests of Honour was suitably felicitated, the Director, Mrs. Jayalakshmi Thirugnanam gave the Vote of Thanks.

Directors of AscendersTech

The comperes fro the event were  Gayathiri and  Sadia.

The event ended with the National Anthem wherein each and every one respectfully stood up with patriotic fervor.

Tea was laid out with a spread of delicious snacks and this department was handled with flair by  Muralikrishnan.



On 9th July, 2011, AscendersTech started off on its trip to ‘Laughing Waters’ a farmhouse on the East Coast Road to celebrate our third annual day in style. At 6:30 am, the Ascenders all gathered at the office at Parsn Manere.

All set to go...

With the usual Ascenders hullaballoo, the entire troupe fitted in three vans made their way to the lovely farmhouse beside the sea.

'Laughing Waters' - Our hangout for the day

The event managers (Mr. Muralikrishnan & team) were waiting for us along with steaming breakfast and coffee. As soon as the luggage was disposed off, the Ascenders had their fill of breakfast buffet style.

Dr. Thiru introducing our Event Managers - Eddie & Murali just before the Ice-breaker

As the event managers began to get their events rolling, we decided to finish with a little bit of business first so that it would be fun and games all the way after that. The new Leave Policy was presented to the company, tweaked and enhanced.

Maria Suresh introducing our Sr. Recruiter Imran Ansari from our Mumbai Office

Incentives Announcement for the next Quarter - GOLD!

The workforce were reassured that from this year onwards, there were more paid holidays than ever; new special leaves were introduced; in general, the entire Leave policy was more employee friendly than before.

The new Leave Policy in brief...

Immediately after the presentation, it was a continuous riot! The entire company had already been divided into 5 teams and preparations for this day had commenced more than a week before. Mailers were doing the rounds and colorful posters had been put up in both wings.

The events to come...

A smile box for compliments too, had been doing the rounds between the two wings and the onsite locations where a chunk of the Ascenders workforce were deployed.

The team captains introduced themselves with their nick names for the day (Dharamadi Dharmalingam , Tondiarpettai Dhandasoru, Adyar Azhagi, Soapu- Seepu-Kannaadi and Harry Potter Vaayaa)  their vice- captains and their teams (Teams too had peculiar names such as 10 Thillalangadis, Jalabala Junks, Nava Kusavaas, Red Hot Oompaloompas and Adainagappa Pathu Peru.The real day @ Laughing Waters started with a Treasure Hunt which had all the teams in a mad scramble to figure out their clues and search for the next one until they finally found the treasure!

In between events, AscendersTech took the opportunity to recognize performers by awarding certificates.

Dhanashekhar - The Brand Amabassador of the Year

Anitha Sampath - The Rising Star Recruiter of the Year!

Anitha - The Most Loyal Employee!

Nirmal – Outstanding Performer of the Year!

We had various team events such as The Longest Line wherein which everyone literally fell over themselves in a frenzy to create the longest human cum material line!

Most events had representative members playing/ fighting to win points for their respective teams! For example Face Off had one guinea pig from each team to add to their scores by submitting their faces for a makeover!

Before and After

Grinning Girlies of AscendersTech(An Equal Opportunities Employer)

The Girlies going Gaga!

As the weather grew warmer and more humid despite the sea breeze, the Ascenders found themselves shifting to cooler locations within the perimeter.

Lunch is served

The day saw the Ascenders involved in a lot of heavy-duty team work, creative thinking and last minute preparations and modifications. There was a satisfying sense of fulfillment as people brought their heads together to plan, scheme, strategize, nominate and finally execute.

Balloon fight coming up!

Bless you, Boss...

Men in Black are wipe out balloons!

Brothers- in- arms ...for the disaster that followed

A nice set of orderly people...till all hell broke loose!

Noushath: Do I finish him off quickly or slowly & painfully? Dhana: waaah...I want my mummy!

As teams vied with each other amidst friendly jibes and teasing, games unfurled themselves and every member present had a role to play with the sole purpose of bringing points and laurels to their respective teams.

In AscendersTech, everyone toes the line!

In the evening during the much needed tea-break, our Guest of Honour, Mr. Jayaramakrishnan (popularly known as JRK), made his entrance. JRK enthralled the workforce with his hallmark witty conversation and gyaan before awarding the best performers with the traditional AscendersTech  Gold Medals.

Introducing our guest JRK

Bersin was recognized as the Star Recruiter of the Year and Praveen Kumar as Manager Par Excellence.

Bersin - Star Recruiter of the Year

Praveen Kumar - Manager par Excellence

Birthday Celebrations

As the evening drew to a close, other games such as Kadhai Vuttings, Latent Talent and events such as the Birthday Celebrations took place.

Kadhai Vuttings

The Grand Finale was none other than the Fashion Show! Everyone had been waiting for the event with baited breaths. Preparations for this event had begun a week before as there were to be two ramp walks per team – one in style and the other in CROSS DRESSING! The outcome was amazing and downright hilarious…

Couples of AscendersTech

Beautiful Babes of AscendersTech

Handsome Hunks of AscendersTech

Hottest babe in Town!

The prizes for the Sports events that took place in June were distributed and the awards for the day will be distributed in the next Saturday Forum at the office premises.

The Ascenderstech Team (Before)

and After...

Dinner was served; people took a late dip in the pool and generally lazed around after a day well spent.



As the very theme suggests the ERA Annual Convention dealt with ‘Engaging the Unemployed Talent’ was a concentrated effort to bring together some of India’s best minds to provoke thought on one of the biggest paradoxes of our country. On the one hand, we are in no dearth of ’employable youth’. But this fact remains mere ‘data’ because in reality, the said youth are not always the ideal choice of the organizations and businesses which desire to engage and utilize educated/ skilled youth.


The ERA Annual Convention brochure


The sole objective of this convention is the uplift of this vast section of society whose amazing talent and prowess (usually unrecognized because of factors such as amateur soft skills) can be tapped and exploited to benefit themselves, the corporates and subsequently the nation as a whole.

It was envisaged that through this convention, the leaders on the dais and those in the audience would be positively sensitized to the plight of the youth and would step up to the daunting task that they are faced with!

The youth of India need to be empowered with all the required knowledge and skills to realize India’s potential to become a superpower; else the same youth might well  be reduced to a potent tool in the hands of misguiding, degenerative forces that work against the interests of a progressive, developing India!

The ERA Annual Convention, in other words, was a call to all the leaders to join forces and do their bit towards nurturing the future generations and, in the process, fortify our country with the power of youth with all its magnificent capabilities. We as ERA members realize that it is high time for us facilitate the entry of our talented resource pool so that they carve out their own niches as responsible sons and daughters of the nation.


The AscendersTech stall - Dynamics CRM for Sale!!!

Business Development Executives prowled the floor outside the auditorium and scanned the crowds for potential business deals.

The Convention Guide

The AscendersTech Kit Bag for the ERA event

AscendersTech Business Development Team


The Inaugural Session was comprised of the Welcome Address given by our CEO, Dr. Thiru who also happens to be the Convenor – ERA Chennai Chapter as well as the Chairman of the Annual Convention.


Dr.Thiru welcoming our guests and dignitaries


The Inaugural of the ERA 8th Annual Convention


Dignitaries such as Mr. Veerendra Mathur, the Chairman of ERA, Mr. K. Purushothaman, Regional Director, NASSCOM, Captain Suresh Bhardwaj, Vice Chancellor, AMET University graced the occasion and Mr. Ayaz Mohammad, the Co Convenor of the ERA Chennai Chapter presented the concluding remarks.

After the tea break, the convention got rolling with the serious business of knowledge sharing ses sions. The very first session of the day was on ‘Harnessing Talent – Our March towards the Lead’. This interesting session was chaired by none other than the renowned Mr. K. Pandiarajan, the Chairman of Ma Foi Randstad and also, one of the founding members of ERA. His panel consisted of Mr. Santosh K. Misra IAS, Director, Employment & Training and also the MD, Overseas Manpower Corporation. Another leading personality on the panel was Ms. J. Sabita the AVP – HR of Steria India.

The eminent panelists of the first session do the honours for ERA


The panelists along with the ERA (& NASSCOM) bigwigs


The discussion has begun

An ERA CSR activity took place to the delight of all the ERA members and the guests for the day. A whopping amount of nearly two lakhs had been collected at the spur of the moment last year during the Annual Sports Meet when we had announced the auction of all the sports items bought for the purpose. The fun and frolic that we had experienced then can be recollected via This spontaneous and jocular activity had culminated in this magnificent gesture. Ms. Shanta of the Cancer Society was present to receive the cheque which was handed over by our founding member Mr. K. Pandiarajan.

The ERA CSR Activity for the Cancer Society-1.82 Lakhs recd by Ms. Shanta

The second session of the day was of relevance to the entire Recruitment and HR community : ‘Compensation – A 3D Approach’. This session was chaired by the talented and witty speaker, Mr. David Nallathambi, the Senior VP & Head HR of Scope International. His panel consisted of Mr. Narayan Kumar, Specialist – Compensation, Motorola and Mr. Saurabh Nigam, VP – HR, Beroe Inc.

Saurabh, David & Narayan Kumar discussing Compensation

Post lunch did not see the audience yawning as we had a set of absolutely brilliant speakers all ready to take us to the next level with their topic ‘New Age Leaders – Key Focus Areas’. The team was chaired by Mr. K. Jayaramakrishnan, VP – Global Alliance, TCS. He had the audience in splits as he seriously laid down the ground rules about unwittingly nodding off during his session. He led his panel into a smooth discussion sprinkled with his comments and witticisms. The panel consisted of Mr. Subhomoy Sengupta, Group Director – Microsoft Business Solutions, Mr. Ranjith Sivasankaran, Head HR, KLA Tencor and Mr. Krishna Prasad, GM – India, Head – Chennai, UST Global.

The discussion on New Age Leaders

Tea was followed by Sponsors Time which had our prime sponsors Talent Now showcasing their product to a captivated audience. ‘Working smart’ is their mantra.

Devang expounding on the virtues of Talent Now

The final session for the Annual Convention had Mr. Sivakumar, CEO of the ICT Academy of Tamilnadu chairing the panel who discussed ‘Current Trends in Freshers’ Recruitment’. The panel consisted of Capt. Bhardwaj, VC of AMET University, Ms. Shyamala Nagasundaram, Head HR, Logica Pvt. Ltd., and Mr. Raj Prabhakar, the CEO of FYMC. It was a fun filled session as each speaker had a unique brand of humour that had the audience begging for more.

The 8th Annual Convention was followed by the 5th Leadership Summit that very same evening and was termed by general consensus, the highlight of the entire two day mega affair.

Lighting the Lamp

The session was titled ‘Encouraging Entrepreneurs in Recruitment and HR Industry’. It was chaired by none other than the inimitable, one and only, Arun Jain, Founder Chairman & CEO of Polaris. The panel was an equally illustrious group made up of Dr. Sandhya Shekhar, CEO of IIT Madras Research Park, Mr. Murugavel Janakiraman, CEO of Click Jobs and Mr. B. Ravishankar, Sr. VP – HR of HCL Technologies. There were amazing analogies created spontaneously, a well thought of presentation with facts and figures and brilliant speeches that sparkled with gems of wisdom and experience.

Arun Jain begins the discussion

The next day was a semi casual affair marking the 6th CEO Conclave. The inaugural session had Mr. Veerendra Mathur announcing the Satish Doshi Best Chapter Award. Mr. Kannan and Mr. John Quadros of Sampoorna Computers read out the touching message of Mrs. Rajul Doshi.

Auspicious Beginning

The inaugural address was made by Shri K. Srinivasan, the Addl. Central PF Commissioner from the Government of India. The key note address was delivered by the MD of ELCOT, the vibrant and energetic Dr. Santosh Babu who managed, within a span of few minutes, to share his dream and vision of a sophisticated and poverty- free rural India.

The ERA Convenor in Serious Discussion with the MD of ELCOT

The Inaugural Committee (CEO Conclave)

The ERA Chennai Chapter Secretary, Mr. Alexander A. Kumar delivered the vote of thanks.

People, especially the organizers were in a relaxed mood and the audience was brimming with the enthusiasm of unfettered learning. And the CEO Conclave was just that: a learning marathon that had only the best instructors giving their audience (dominated by the recruiting fraternity) their money’s worth.

Prakash doing the honours for Dr. John Alexander

Sudha Sastri recieving her due

Mr. Hari Cherukuri after his amazing session on Head Hunting

John Quadros - the witty speaker per se

Sudarshan appreciating Rohin for his excellent session

Mr. Varghese felicitating Mr. Sounderajan

The talented Viral Vora of Talent Now being felicitated by Ayaz




The Satish Doshi Award

 The entire two day mega event of the year was smartly summed up by the Chairman of ERA, Mr. Veerendra Mathur. People disbursed with the sense of having achieved a lifetime award!

And then….


19th March saw the start of the fourth year of operations for Ascenders Technologies. It was a loud and noisy affair wherein which all our ERA fraternity got together to celebrate our remarkable milestone right after the CEO Conclave.

The Celebration of yet another year!


Got the cake...

and ate it too!!!

The Icing on the Cake...

ERA honouring Dr.Thiru for his magnificent contribution as Convention Chairman

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