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 AscendersTech had an intensive workshop for a set of selected resources @ the Haddows Club on 18 Dec’10. Mr. Shyam Sundar , a well wisher and good friend of our CEO Dr.Thiru acted as the facilitator for the workshop.

Mr. Shyam Sundar

Mr. Shyam Sundar has a solid sixteen years of experience in Accounts, Finance, Personnel Management, Administration and Human Resources. The objectives of the workshop were defined at the very beginning. The workshop would aim at the overall understanding of the Company’s position and the road we plan to take in the following year. To do this, a HR perspective was required and Mr. Shyam Sundar readily rendered his honorary services.

Kavitha- the smallest & the boldest strutting her stuff!

 The very start of the session had everyone introducing himself/ herself to the audience by mentioning a few noteworthy items such as name, designation, past experience, education, family background and more significantly their very own signature which would be expressed by a physical gesture!

Jyothi's signature - Hey!

The activity proved to be a fun filled ice breaker and everybody in the audience was at ease and had warmed up to the more serious activity that Mr. Shyam Sundar had in store for them.

A grinning Noushath doing his bit


Demo Session for the latecomer!

He devised a session in which the participants were asked to list out the GLAD, SAD and MAD aspects of working with AscendersTech. The aim of the session would be to assimilate the facets of AscendersTech that made people happy or sad or even mad to work here. People were divided into small groups of five and were asked to discuss amongst themselves and note down the points that they considered worthy of mentioning under the three heads. Representatives from the groups read out their points and each group prepared three charts (glad, sad & mad) outlining the main points they had noted. The charts were put on display.

The polling begins!

 Every person was given a set of 10 bindis which were to be used as their votes on all 25 charts at random. People went around reading the points on all the charts and stuck their votes. Polling was done and results were analyzed briefly.

Food for thought...

 Mr. Shyam Sundar highlighted the fact that certain aspects were due for change in the company and also, there were factors that needed the attention of the staff. In order to bring about major changes, the staff contribution in terms of deliverables would have to be accelerated and a stronger sense of alignment with the company objectives would have to be put in place. Overall it was a good session that stirred up the fiery AscendersTech patriotism.

Enjoying the unlearning & learning process

The very same day in the evening, as a consequence of the day’s workshop and in keeping with our employee friendly policy, back at the office, the management team had a long drawn discussion that ended with perks such as the fourth Saturday too being a holiday in addition to the existing second Saturdays; other Saturdays would have shorter working hours.

 Other beneficial changes are in the pipeline.


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